Wednesday, March 31, 2010

could it be im falling in love?

what a wonderful day. just perfect. :)

It was just so nice outside. Shorts and a t shirt. Got to my media class early and sat with my friends. I was on the lookout for lee tho. I wanted him to sit next to me. So im looking and looking at the people walking in. No lee. class is just about to start. no lee. So im disappointed. I turn back to face the front and notice someone sitting next to me. LEE!!!!!!! I didnt even notice him. I looked at him and was like "where the fuck did u come from?" he was like "the side door."
i just laughed and we started talking. we ended up talking for the entire class. We talked about just about everything. sports(he doesnt know much), cafateria food, we made fun of people sitting around us. It was just so nice. We instantly clicked. we were talking like we were best friends. it was NUTS!!!! and those legs. o man. i cant describe them. way to perfect. So class ended, we got up and walked out, and lee said "see ya monday" and i was like "bye" and i watched him walk away. my friends were confused. fuck em.

haha so over all a great day. hes something.

Monday, March 29, 2010


So i went to media class and i looked everywhere for mystery boy. No luck. I sat in class disappointed for an hour and a half.

But on the way out of class, who happens to be walking right next to me? mystery boy. So im kinda just staring at his beauty, and he notices and smiles. then our conversation started.

mystery boy: "you sat next to me last wednesday didnt you?"
me: "um yeah"
mystery boy: "howd u do on the test?"
me: "got an 88. u?"
mystery boy: "92"
me: "damn"
mystery boy: "Im lee by the way" he extended his hand
me: "im dan" i shook his hand
mystery boy: "nice to meet u dan. maybe ill see u around sometime"
me: "yeah..."

then he turned left while i was going right. and he was gone. Lee. my goodness. I want u.

(haha i was so nervous)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

so theres this boy.....

......who i know nothing about.

I went to my media class yesterday. It was absolutely beautiful outside, but i had to go to stupid class cause i had a test. Now normally i sit with my friends, but on test days they sit u all randomly. Lucky for me, i was put next to this fucking absolutely gorgeous, beautiful, cute boy. I almost didnt finish my test because i was staring at his legs the whole time. the legs on this boy, mouthwatering. So I was talkingg to matt about it, and i told him that this mystery boy gave off the vibe. Like, he didnt act gay or anything, but i just got this vibe from him. So matt told me to sit next to him on mondays class and ask him about the test. I think its a good idea so i think im gonna do it. Whats the worst that could happen?

im just tired of thinking 'what if?'

god hes SOOOOOOOOO cute

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

sorry for the confusion

sorry about the justin bieber post. i looked at it a few hours after i wrote it, and was like, this is so stupid. so i deleted it. haha sorry.

in other news, i saw james today. playing football this time. I was soooo tempted to join, but i didnt. I guess hes pretty good friends with my friend clay.

thats really it. not a whole lot to say right now.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

the end of a cute shirtless frisbee player

well, he has a girlfriend.

i was walking to lunch with my room mate and i saw him holding hands with this girl. at one point they kissed. so thats that.

im not like upset or anything. It not like we were like close to dating or anything like that. I fucking just met him 6 days ago. But the thing thats got me right now is how bad i want a boyfriend. i really just want someone to hold and cuddle nd kiss and all that fun shit. and idk, i guess i thought james could possibly be boyfriend material. idk.

Friday, March 19, 2010

DINNER with a cute shirtless frisbee player

So wednesday was pretty uneventful. It was gorgeous outside, but i didnt really do anything. But yesterday is a different story. I woke up close to 11 and watched the view(i know, gay) and at 1140 i headed off to class. On my way to class I saw a small group of boys, maybe 4 of them, walking out of the dorm across from mine. I thought one of them could be james, but i couldnt see to well, so i just kept walking. I kept looking at him to see if i could recognize him. After all, ive never seen him with a shirt and shoes on. So sure enough, he waves to me. So i smile and wave back. I had to get to class and they werent going in my direction so that was it.....until later.

So i get back from class, chill for a little, then go to my 330 class. got out around 445 and went to my room. Me and my room mate alex decided to grad some food so we went to the dining hall. Had a pretty so-so meal and got back to the room by close to 530. We didnt go in the front door, so i wasnt aware of any frisbee game going on out front. When i got back to my room, i heard some yelling and shouting and laughing, so i looked out the window and sure enough, james and about 3 others, including my friend Clay, were tossing around the frisbee. I said why not and i went out side to join. I got outside and clay spotted me and asked to join. I said yes of corse and we started tossing around the frisbee. It wasnt as hot out so no ones shirt was off, but it was still nice admiring the cute boys i was playing with, especially james. so after about half an hour of tossing around the frisbee, james grabbed the frisbee and walked toward me and clay. He was like "im gonna go get some food, you guys wanna join?" i couldnt pass up this opportunity, so i said "id love too" Clay agreed so we went to eat. I didnt eat a whole lot, but everyone else sure did. So we were sitting and talking about school and the weather and shit like that. I didnt really learn anything new about james tho. I would have liked to. The conversation never really went there. So we ate our food and james said he had a fun time and that we should do it again sometime. I of corse said yes. So we all got up and walked back toward our dorms. I wasnt really talking much, just listening to everything. It was nice. We got to me and clays dorm and and said goodbye. James waved and said see you tomorrow. his ass looked so delicious walking away. i wanted to bury my face in it. haha.

So yea, got back to my room and played xbox all night. It was a great day. And who knows, maybe ill see him again today. he did say see you tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

flirting with a cute shirtless frisbee player

So the weather last friday saturday sunday and monday sucked. Friday saturday and sunday it rained all day, and monday it was overcast. it was just shitty weather. So when i woke up yesterday to the sun shining through my window, i felt like a million bucks. i was feeling fantastic. I checked my email and my teacher had canceled my noon class. The day was just starting off so well. I went to my 330 class, which was the tits. My teacher was cracking jokes and it was just great. So after class, on my way back to my dorm, i saw a beautiful sight. On the lawn right in front of my dorm were maybe 6 shirtless boys throwing the frisbee around. My god were some of these boys cute. And their bodies were fantastic. Smooth and thin. YUM!! So as i walked by, my friend Clay noticed me and invited me to play. At first I hesitated, but looking back at the boys i couldnt say no. So i dropped my back pack, took of my shirt, shoes and socks, and got into the game. It was really fun. And my god, the eye candy. I was drooling. So after about 45 minutes, people started calling it a day. I was heading for my bag and shirt when the cutest boy of them all came up and introduced himself. He was a little shorter than me, with semi long blond hair and these gorgeous blue eyes. And his slim body was just, man o man i wanted to lick the sweat off of his chest. Anyway, he reached out his hand and said his name was James. I told him My name was Dan, and we got to talking. We talked about sports and classes and our majors. He told me he was a freshman and he lived in the dorm right across from mine. So there we were, wearing nothing but a pair of shorts and talking like we were best friends. It was really nuts. We must have talked for a good 15-20 minutes before he said he had to go get cleaned up for dinner. We said goodbye and he was off. I grabbed my stuff, went in and took a shower. Needless to say, i jerked off in the shower. HAHA. The whole experience was just something. It was a tuesday I most certainly wont forget in a long long time.

And who knows, todays even nicer than yesterday. Maybe ill see him again.....

Monday, March 15, 2010


So I was sitting at home on sunday, watching tv and drinking limeade. Aaron and I had made plans to hang out because I wasnt going to see him again till summer. So i was sitting in my room waiting for him to call. He said he would be free around 630 but when he hadnt called by 700 I decided to go for a drive. You see, when im sitting at home and its getting dark outside and i have nothing to do, i like to go driving. Its a good time to think and just listen to great music. So im driving around, and i just start thinking about my life and shit. I start thinking about aaron and all the shit weve been through. I got to thinking about how fucking madly in love with him i was, and i realized that i no longer have that feeling. Like, Im thinking about Aaron, and im just not in love with him any more. I dont see him that way anymore. And I just felt so happy. He finally called at 745 and i went over there at 830. When i got there we got some pizza and just had a blast. It was just like the old times back in 10th grade when we were thick as thieves. And when I was leaving, HE was the one who gave ME the hug. not the other way around. It was just fantastic. And when i got home, the only feeling i felt was happiness. Dont get me wrong, ill always have a special place in my heart for aaron, but right now im just happy that i finally can say im over him. Its good to have my friend back.

ok well i have 2 tests this week and i need my beauty sleep. later.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Who wants to be my Romeo?

Monday, March 8, 2010

i feel amazing

so aaron came over on saturday. We watched a movie and then he had to go home. it was really a good time. Then last night me and a bunch of friends went to his house to watch the oscars. It was great. I feel amazing. I tried something new. I didnt treat him like a boyfriend. I simply treated him like a friend. I didnt hug him when i left, i didnt go into his room and smell all his clothes. It was wonderful. I really fell good. and today, im back at school, and the sun is out and its just a beautiful day. I think things are turning around.

heres a cute boy to go with my awesome mood.

i would literally lick this boy all over. i bet he tastes like dove chocolate.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


ok so aarons coming home for spring break soon. Im on spring break now and ill be going back to school like 3 days after he gets home. And I really just dont want to see him. I would love it if i didnt see him again till summer. I just dont want to deal with the whole thing. cause im gonna end up feeling like shit if i see him and i just dont want that. idk. at the same time i kinda want to see him. i mean, fuck. idk. Im going to see him no matter what cause our group of friends is having a small get together. ugh.