Monday, May 2, 2011

hello again

so i bet some of u are wondering where ive been. To be completely honest, i really havent been anywhere. I just havent been here.......and i really havent missed it all that much.

so whats new with me? not a whole lot. I turned 20 a week ago, but i still feel like im 18. im not in love with aaron, just got confused when i visited him at his school. it would be a lot easier to not get so confused if he wasnt so nice to me. sometimes i feel like hes the only one who actually gives a shit. but i visited him 3 weeks ago. and i really havent talked to him since.

Work is going well. Since the weather is getting nice there has been an explosion of cute boys. just wonderful. i spend 70% of my time at work drooling over dudes. its very nice. and i got a raise. woot.

sorry its been so long. hopefully ill post more.

anyone want to know anything? ask away.