Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bored randomness

Well here I am in my bore fuck history class. Get ready for more randomness.

I met this boy yesterday. Didn't get a name but we shared some small talk. He's gorgeous. He's like the popular kid who's friends with everyone. He's so nice and calm about things. We talked at breakfast this morning. He has an earing in his left ear. He's just so....."pretty".
It's hard to explain. He might very possibly be gay. Like 80% of the boys living in my dorm are gay and guess what, he lives in my dorm.

I woke up with a throbbing boner again this morning. It was like mad at me. So I gave it what it wanted. It seems like mondays and Wednesdays are my big ass boner days.

It's really cold outside and I guess that means the school likes to crank up the fucking heat. It's like a fuck sauna in this son of a bitch. UGH!

I havnt been home in a month. That's the longest I've ever been away from home. Do I miss it? Not really. But I do miss my car. I love driving and it's been a while. I'm going home next weekend and I'm pretty excited to go driving.

I'm way to picky. I can always find a fault in people. I'm to judgemental. I need to be more open minded. But that's a hard thing to do. It's just something I do naturally. Can someone just rewire the way they think? I dint think so. The only person I've ever found to be absolutly perfect is Aaron. And I know all of u are gonna be like "no ones perfect". That may be true for you, but Aaron was perfect in every single way. And that's kinda what i'm talking about. To me, he was perfect. And I think deep down, I'm looking for someone like him. Someone perfect. That's why I'm having so much trouble finding someone. I need to come to terms with the fact that I probably will never find anyone like him. Just something I'm gonna need to work on, or I'll just end up chasing after something that isn't there.

I've been avoiding the fact for a long time, but I really miss Aaron. Everytime he pops in my head I just ignore it, but it's there. I miss him. I miss the way he smiles, the way he smells, the way he feels. I even miss the way he pisses me off. Fuck

I shouldn't have started thinking about him. Now I'm all depressed.
I'll talk to u guys later.

It's true what they say too. Only love can break your heart.

Monday, September 28, 2009


I'm in my history class right now. I'm bored out of my skull. We don't do shit in this fuck class. I'm really starting to rethink my major here also. History is starting to seem more and more pointless. Whatevs.

I was reading something online yesterday about jerking off. It said that people who jerk off a lot are so in love with themselves that they don't make relationships with others. I think I might fall into that catagory.

Haha I'm making funny faces at people. They must think I'm crazy. Fuck em haha. My tummy hurts. I wish I didn't eat that sausage for breakfast.

This class has no cute boys in it. It sucks. I have nothing to stare at.

Jesus fuck Christ in bored as shit. My I pod has this auto spell check thing that makes sure I capitalize words that should be capitalized. Normally I wouldn't be this gramatically correct. Capitalizing Jesus and Christ? Not something I'd do.

It finally rained yesterday. It had been like a month. It was very welcome. It's actually raining right now.

I had such a huge boner this morning. It was throbbing. I waited till I was alone and then I jerked it. It felt so good.

OMG class just got let out. That never happens. Class ends at 950 and he let us out at 930. That's unbelievable. Now what am I suppose to do. I have a class at 1000 and it's literaly right next door. I have half an hour to burn. I'll just go to my other class.

Well I got to my other class and it was just me and this girl. She asked to see my notes from Friday and of course i said yes. I like to maintain a level of kindness.

Alright that's it I'm done. Hope u enjoyed this extremely random post. I'm closing in on 100!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

no time

its so hard to find time to make a post. im so busy, and theres always people in my dorm room. I was lucky to be free this time.

anyway, ive been thinking a lot about aaron the last few days. and I dont miss him, im just daydreaming about me fucking the shit out of him. and it always gets me 'aroused'. Hes the fantasy that can make me cum faster than anything else in the world. its nuts. there will be times when i just cant jerk off, and then ill think of him and boom, im done.

and the boy from the lunch room. he was sitting really close to some blond girl and they got up and left in a hurry. fuck him.

ok thats it for now. i have class in 20 mins so i g2g. thanks for all the awesome comments on my last post. My 100th is comin up soon!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Wow. has it really been a week?

Yeah, a week sounds right. Ive been CRAZY busy with college and shit. Classes during the week, party's during the weekend. its a busy life. I finally have some time today to post tho. So get ready for a long read.

Classes are pretty good. I have a really easy math class, and two pretty good history classes. My major is history, because i just love all that cool shit about how the world became what it is today. i especially like american history because America is just kick ass. haha im very patriotic. I also have this awesome history of rock and roll music class. its pretty kick ass. Rock and roll music is my favorite.

I live in a pretty sweet dorm. I live in a quad, which is 4 people, me and my room mate in one room, and my 2 other room mates in another room, and then one big ass living room. its pretty sweet. and my room mates are all kick ass. My dorm is the dorm where most of the fine arts people live, which means all the theater and musical performance kids. So lots and lots of gays. some pretty good looking ones too. My RA(resident advisor, every floor has one) is really cute too. hes not gay, but hes cute none the less.

im still in the closet here at college. not sure when im gonna come out. right now i just wanna get fully adjusted to life here first. ive only been here 3 weeks. maybe in a little while. i did talk to one of my friends from back home who does know im gay last night. we like talked about it for the first time since i told everyone. it was kinda weird but it felt good to talk to someone.

also went to the football game yesterday. it was bad ass. we won. a lot of douche bags all around me tho. but also a lot of cuties.

ok story time. I was in my rock and roll history class and i was early, so i picked a pretty awesome seat with like this brick wall behind it so i could lean back. so im sitting there, and this really cute boy comes and sits next to me. it was weird because its a big ass class and there were like 200 seats left. so he starts talking to me, about the class and how he just joined and if he missed anything last week. It was pretty awesome, because he had this look to him. he wasnt that tall, he had semi long blond hair, and he had a black lip ring. he was like a cross between surfer boy and emo. totally hot. it got me thinking. how does he make out with someone if hes got that lip ring in? anyway, next time i went to class, he was nowhere to be seen. he vanished.

Also, theres this boy, who i always see at lunch. hes almost always sitting alone. hes one of those quite kids. he wheres like a nice jacket and one of those backpacks that have one strap and they hang to one side. anyway, hes really cute. i wanna invite him over to eat with us one day, but it would be awkward and weird.

Well i think thats it. sorry about the long absence. ill post more often, promise. Also, my 100th post is coming up soon. any ideas on what i should do? ill probably end up doing what everyone does, the 100 facts about me. but if someone suggests something better, i might do that instead.

ok ive got some homework to do. later.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


so my comments have been slowly dropping, and i understand why. my posts have been boring. i need something to blog about. i need advice on what to write about. i dont wanna keep writing this boring shit that no one likes. i need more excitement.

ok well thats it. my tummy hurts and i need to use the bathroom. this dorm food is killing me.

o god. im out

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

cute boy central

so yea no worries. im still gay. and boy have i been seeing the cute ones. damn.

so yea classes started today. i had math. easy as shit. i hate math a lot and im bad at it, but i took an easy class and it seems like its going to be pretty good. nothin good looking in there tho. But i was taking a shower, and i hadnt jacked off in like 3 days, so i was trying really hard to. but i couldnt. i was using everything in my imagination. i had 3 different fantasies where i fucked the shit out of tyler, but nothing worked. so i went to my reserve fantasies, my ones with aaron just to see if it would work, and within 20 seconds i was done. its like, just the idea of us having sex drives me wild. not sure if thats a good thing.

ive also been thinking about when i should tell everyone up here im gay. its like im coming out all over again. idk, ill have to think about it.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

home for the weekend

so im back home for the weekend. its weird because it doesnt really feel like my home anymore, cause all my stuffs away at college.

so last week was just did a bunch of stupid 'getting to know people your rarely going to see' activities. didnt really go to a lot of it. did go to some parties and had some fun there. but ive noticed something. i dont really feel gay anymore. like, i didnt jack off once while i was gone. and all the guys i see i dont really think much about them at all. but the girls are catching my eye. its really weird. also, im having a hard time understanding my appetite. like im never hungry or stuffed, but i can always eat. and while im eating, i cant tell when im full. idk. who knows. i walked around and found all my classes. they're all pretty close so thats good. ummmm saw some other people from my highschool and talked with them. yea overall its been pretty fun. i hope classes arnt really gay.

and sorry about my last few posts. they kinda have been pretty bad lately. ill try to spruce them up a bit.

ok im off. ill be on msn tonight if anyone wants to talk. later

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


so im here at college. all un packed and everything. apparently, me and my friend/room mate were not told that we have a quad, which is a room with 4 people, not just 2. So at first we were like, wtf, but after meeting our room mates, we couldnt be happier. they're awesome. another interesting fact, our dorm is the arts and sciences dorm, meaning there are a lot gays. haha. so yea. i did see this really cute boy at the food court place. i was pleased.

ok quick update for ya. bye