Saturday, February 28, 2009


so my sleepover went well.  we played xbox, watched tv, and just hung out.  He even made me breakfast.  It was delicious.  but then i left.  i hugged him and was on my way.  i had a lot of fun tho, but i didnt get to do what i REALLY wanted to.  next time, ill get my kiss.  haha.  so anyway, ill tell u a little bit of background info on mystery boy and me.  Id tell u his real name but id like to keep it secret.  Lets call him Aaron.  so when i first met him freshman year, i hated him.  I thought he was weird and i just didnt like him at all.  But he grew on me.  we became friends and then, sophomore year, i fell in love with him.  We were playing football and he was late, and when he finally showed up, as he was walking to the field, my heart just like exploded.  it was amazing.  so yea thats that.  theres a lot more stuff to write about us but thats for another time.

Friday, February 27, 2009

busy busy

im about to leave for my busy day.  Going to a friends for a while, then dipping out and going to my best buds house to sleep over, the very best bud that i have the HUMONGOUS crush on. =)  so yea im pretty excited.  i keep meaning to give you more background info on the whole situation but ive been busy sleeping.  so in due time.  well, im off.  I'll be wearing my nice boxers.... ;)

Thursday, February 26, 2009


So yeah sorry ive been kinda boring.  Since my school has the week off, i dont really have anything exciting to share.  But i PROMISE that once school starts up again, ill has some crazy shit to post.  so thats it from me for now.  I have some friends coming over, one of which i have a HUGE crush on :) hehe.  but more on that later......

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

shitty day

pretty shitty and uneventful day.  just sat in my room and played xbox.  my head started to hurt and i got in some stupid fight with my dad.  i kinda just blew up at him.  idk.  somethings wrong with me lately.  im feeling strange.  ugh.  whatevs.  im going to bed.  i hope i can sleep this weird mood off.


A big thanks to mirrorboy.  Now i might actually have people reading this.  haha i dont really know what else to write.  well, um, thanks again mirrorboy!  You pretty much are the greatest person in the entire world so, ya know,  i love you.  haha.  ok im kinda busy so ill write more later.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So like i said, heres a nice little post about me.  Im 17 and live in the state of Michigan.  Im very athletic and i love to play football and basketball as much as i can.  soccer can be fun too, but its not my favorite.  Im also gay.  It feels kinda weird to write it down like that.  Im not out to anyone, but i did tell my parents once and im pretty sure they forgot.  I mean they were cool with it and all, but they forget things a lot.  They have stressful jobs i suppose.  Im really not your typical gay guy.  Im basically straight except for one little detail.  I wanna fuck guys.  haha.  But anyway, thats pretty much me in a nutshell, and if you follow my blog, which i hope someone someday will, then you'll get to know me better.  


Monday, February 23, 2009


Well I did it.  I actually did it.  I made a blog.  I never thought I would ever actually make one.  I had thrown the idea around after reading mirrorboys blog almost everyday, so I figured I might give it a try.  So here I am!!!  haha.  It's late right now and i doubt anyone is even gonna read this for a while, if at all, so i'll post more about me later.  Im tired.