Sunday, May 30, 2010

cant think of a title. fuck

man o man have i been busy. Sometimes having a lot of friends can be very draining.

A few days ago i was driving one of my friends home and he asked me about me being gay. Its the first time ive really talked to any of my friends about it(besides aaron). He asked if anyone else knew i was gay. I said nope. Then he asked why i wasnt out trying to find a boyfriend. So i was like "well, actually, i have a boyfriend." And thus started the conversation about lee. I just told him pretty basic things. He seemed happy for me, so it worked out.

Had a bit of a party with all my friends 2 nights ago. Its the first time everyone was back in town. Everyone got pretty drunk. Nothing big happened. Just a great night hanging with friends. I did wake up on the ground in some closet. Pretty nuts.

for some strange reason, every single boy i see i find cute as hell. Like, i would usually see maybe 3-5 cute guys a day. But now, its passing 10. Its like now that im taken, all i see is these boys i cant have, and thus making them more attractive. its weird. Also, since i started dating lee, i feel Like ill be at the mall and ill just feel 100% gay. And i mean, i am. But i always felt pretty straight, except i wanted to fuck dudes. but now, i just feel like im all gay, and everyone knows. idk if that makes any sense.

And in closing, im off to lees tomorrow. Probably leave at 10. I guess his block is having a memorial day party and were gonna go. Lee says i get to meet his friends. Should be fun.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


aaron comes home this weekend. i havent seen him in just about 3 weeks. I hate it. Why did he have to get a job at his school? he should be home with me. but at the same time its probably best.

im going to lee's on monday. gonna spend the day there. maybe stay the night. who knows.

well just a quick update. sorry about being so busy. love u guys.

Friday, May 21, 2010


sorry for my recent disappearance. ive just been extremely busy. Ill wake up in the morning andsee a list of shit my parents want me to do, like mow the lawn or wash the floor. Since i dont have a job they basically treat me like their slave. but im happy to do it, cause i get anything i want. then when im done doing chores, some random friend will text me and be like lets hang out. People i havent seen since highschool. its nuts. and i cant say no. gotta keep my reputation up. So ill be out till like 2 in the morning and then the same thing the next day.

But finally i have some free time.

weekend with lee
Was an amazing weekend. he came over friday around 1. we hung out, did some stuff, and then when my parents came home they took us out to dinner. Dinner was nice. my mom and dad asked lee a lot of questions. Lee was surprisingly open about shit. Normally hes kinda shy and stuff but not with my parents. My mom has a way of making everyone feel welcome, so that might have done it. So the rest of friday saturday and sunday we just sat around and watched movies and stuff. We didnt really leave the house. it was wonderful just being with him. He left sunday at noon. Really nothing eventful. I just had a really good time.

anyway, sorry again about making u wait for the update. heres a picture of me.

haha just kidding. thats not me. But when i saw this picture i was like," i dont remember taking this picture." me and this kid look very much alike.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


"I love you, dont you see
you stole my heart and 1 2 3
I love you, yes its true
you stole my heart and im gonna steal yours too."

AHAHHAHAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Im so fucking in love. my heart just feels huge!!!

-Dan (head over heels in love)

Friday, May 14, 2010

lee's here!

i should have posted this earlier but i was busy getting ready. Lee's here, got here around 1. Weve been having fun haha. hes playing xbox now so i have to be quick.

I told my parents a friend from school was visiting for the weekend. just a friend. lees fine with it. we just have to be more quiet. when lee leaves sunday, maybe ill tell them. idk yet.

i havent told my friends anything because, well, just about all my friends are on vacation or busy. Aaron is working at his school, 3 of my friends are on vacation, and the rest are here and there. if i see them, I probably wont tell them were dating, just that were friends. They will probably figure it out tho.

ok gotta run

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

flirting with boys

I was at the store returning some shit for my mom, and the dude working there was really cute, and he was totally flirting with me. I was sure he was gonna ask me out. then at blockbuster, some guy who worked there who was really fucking cute, came up to me and asked if i needed anything. I said no but he just started talking to me about other shit that had nothing to do with movies. He was totally flirting. And i just keep thinking, is there like some scent im giving off to all these gay guys that lets them know im gay? why hasnt this happened before? well it sure is nice to know people think im cute.

my ego is too big

also, been talking to lee. looks like hes coming over this weekend. He wants to come friday and leave sunday. Im all for it. But, 2 things. 1: i havent told my parents yet. Ive been thinking a lot about just telling them. Being like, my friend from school is coming to visit for the weekend, and weve kinda idk, thoughts? and 2: my friends dont know, and lee wants to meet them. i have no idea how im suppose to drop that bomb. Like, just telling them my friend is visiting and then being like "were actually dating" idk. help?

so yeah, any advise would be much appreciated. u guys rock. ill be on msn today at some point so we should all talk or somethin. idk. im in a wacky mood.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

wonderful time at lee's

Lee's was really fun

Left home around 10 and got to lees close to 1030. It was just him home because his parents were still at work. We had the house to ourselves and we fooled around for a while. it was fun. he has a nice house and the most comfortable bed. We hung out for a while and his mom came home around 4. We met and she gave me a hug and was really nice. like, she was just a really sweet person. She asked me a lot of questions. Around 530 is when lee's dad came home. I was pretty nervous to meet him. Lee was like "Dad, this is my boyfriend Dan." and i was like o shit. So he extended his hand and i shook it. He was ok. So lee's mom ordered a pizza and we all sat and talked. Lee's dad also asked me a lot of questions and one of them was "did u play any sports in highschool?" so i was like "yeah i played football. I was a reciever". right after i said that his eyes lit up and he like turned into a different person. He was awesome after that. We talked about football and stuff. lee told me later that he was never into sports and his dad was treating me like the son he never had. kinda sucks, but lee didnt care. him and his dad have i guess a strained relationship. Anyway dinner was done and lee and i went on a walk for a bit. We went to park and sat on a bench and just enjoyed being with the other person. We came back and watched Se7en, one of my favorite movies. It was getting kinda late so we went to his room. We started making out and it was getting pretty intense. while we were fooling around, lee was like "i want u to fuck me" so he grabbed a condom and, yeah, we had sex. It was both of ours first time. It was amazing. and lee loved it. Anyway, after that, lee fell asleep but i couldnt, so i got up and talked to matt for a while. he kinda helped me put things into perspective, and i felt a lot better about things. So i went back to bed with lee.

We woke up around 10 and went downstairs where his mom was making breakfast and his dad was reading the paper. We sat down and lee's mom was like "good morning you two. sleep well?" and me and lee were like yup. and lees dad was like "you two sure made a lot of noise last night" and me and lee were like, fuck. im sure we were beat red in the face. Breakfast was good and i left after that. got home around 12.

over all id say it was a great weekend. i feel good about me and lee. and im pretty sure his parents liked me. lee said they did so yeah.

anyway, thats my trip. later.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

going to lee's!

so it looks like im going to lee's tomorrow. He was gonna come here but i guess his dad found out and didnt want lee coming to visit some boy without meeting him first. I guess he isnt as cool about the whole boyfriend thing as his mom. So im going to him! ill be there most of tomorrow, and then be home on friday which is when aaron comes home. So yeah....

....about aaron. I just, i feel like with me and lee, its awesome and i love lee a lot and hes a great boyfriend and all, but i just still feel so connected to aaron. its like, ugh. its hard to explain. Like it feels like lee is much more emotionally invested in me than i am in him because of the whole aaron thing. like, i hold aaron so fucking high, its hard for anyone to like, compare to him. make sense?

I think i should talk to aaron about the whole thing. and lee. idk any thoughts?

And should i get a twitter? would people follow?

Sunday, May 2, 2010

someones got BIEBER FEVER!!!

so yeah, i admit it, i think justin bieber is adorable. I dont care for his music, but holy shit hes cute. Here are some pictures.

He might as well be suckin my dick

Toooooooo fucking cute

I like to think theres nothing under the towel

He can toss around the football with me any day

Just standing there looking sexy. yum

OOOOO some cute bieber butt!

Last but not least, Justins extremely cute feet

So yeah, just some pics of justin for ya. in other news, i really miss lee. he said he was gonna try to come over sometime soon, so im hopeful. I also lost my ipod, and im pissed about it.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

im home

so i got home thursday. put all my shit in my room and was gonna put everything back but, its still in a huge pile. ive just been lazy. Lee got home yesterday.

Interesting thing tho. Thursday when we were saying goodbye, he told me that he told his mom about me. And like, i wasnt mad or anything, but idk it was just like....idk. He was like "i was talking to my mom and she asked if i had met someone, and i kinda told her about u." So i was like " what did she say?" and he just went on about how she was happy for him and i guess lee told her everything. like EVERYTHING. and at first i was like, nervous, but now its kinda a freeing feeling. like, lees mom knows, u know?

idk if any of that makes sense. im kinda being rushed by my mom to go shopping for nice clothes.

one more thing. Do u guys like hearing about me and lee? if u guys are sick of hearing about it then i can stop. its just this blog is about my life, and lee is in my life so yeah. just let me know. sorry if this post is weird. ive got a lot on my mind.