Wednesday, April 29, 2009

History of Aaron #4: Telling Aaron

its pretty clear to me from all the comments that nobody really knows whats going on between me and aaron.  so i feel like i should post a new history thing.  So here goes.

History of Aaron #4: Telling Aaron

I was in my english class, daydreaming about Aaron.  I needed to tell him.  I was so sure he felt the same way about me.  So, I wrote him a letter.  Just explaining how i felt.  So i asked him to come over after school like always, and he said yes.  So we got to my house, and went down to my room.  I told him Id be right back, and i ran upstairs and grabbed the letter.  I got back, and gave it to him, and then laid face down on my bed.  He read it was was like "really?"  and i was like "yes"  so he didnt say anything for a minute, then he was like "Im sorry, but i dont feel the same way about you right now."  I was like fuck, my plan back fired.  So i apologized, and he came over and gave me a hug and said "dont worry, i still love you". Then we played xbox.  I was upset the rest of the day tho.

ok thats it.  Sorry if its not well written, it was tough to write.  
So for those who didnt know, we arnt boyfriends and we never were.

ok, i need to go do........something.  not sure what.  my mind is being dumb.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

i feel like shit

had a pretty bad day.  It started off fine, but aaron......ugh.    We were in class and we were just talking and he brings up how he decided to go to some college far away.  He was going to go to one close to mine, but he changed his mind.  When he told me, my heart broke into pieces.  i was so upset.  I just put my head in my hands and was just not good.  I almost cried.  He could tell i was upset but i just ignored him.  He even asked if i was ok, and i just didnt say anything.  

It affected the rest of my day.  I couldnt play basketball, i couldnt concentrate in any other classes.  I felt so upset. I FEEL so upset.  I hate this.  Ive loved him for 4 years.  4 fucking years of my life have been devoted to him.  and hes just leaving me.  

I hate him for being him.  I hate myself for loving him.  I hate being fucking gay.  I hate everything.  ugh

Ill write the history thing when i feel up to it.  might be a while.  I promise ill finish tho.

i just need to sleep this shit off.  im so depressed.  

at least ill always have steely dan.  This song makes me feel a bit better.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

long day

Sorry.  I really am.  No History of Aaron like i promised.  I was just to busy today.  it was such a long day.  I actually had homework.  I never get homework :/

Plus, I really dont like writing the whole History of Aaron things.  I dont like remembering a lot of the stuff.  it kind of puts me in this depressed mood for a while and i just want to sleep.  Kinda weird.  whatevs.

So on that note, I did go to Aarons house earlier.  We got food, watched tv, and just had fun.  He was sitting and i was laying and my head was in his lap.  It was great.  God i hate how i love him soooooooo much.  ugh.  But its great.  damnit.  

So i will really try to get a new History of Aaron up soon.  Hopefully tomorrow.  I need to sleep.  off to dream land.  

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Questions Answered

ok so heres the answers to all your questions...

Do you think aaron is into guys 2?
youll have to wait and see.  hehe

Ever jerked to yourself?
haha there was one time i imagined i had cloned myself and i fucked me.  haha.  i jacked it a few times to that.

Would you let me kidnap you and take you to mexico?

put the next part of aaron up.
not a question, but i promise i will tomorrow =)

Favorite type of porn?
twinks.  anything with twinks.

what is the meaning of life?
to fuck as many boys as possible...........and to be happy........

Do you think your the cutest of all your friends?
hmmmm maybe a tie between me and aaron.  im a little bit cuter....

fav food?
hmmm tricky question.  chinese food?  hmmm shrimp is good too.  i have lots  =)

Fav color?
my favorite color is red.  i love it.  orgasm.  

Favorite tv shows?
i love breaking bad.  seinfeld is good too.  ummmmm 30 rock too.

Which hand do you wank with?
my right one.  always.

Weirdest position you've wanked in?
i dont normally get into weird positions, but sometimes ill lay on my back and put ly legs in the air and cum in my mouth =) hehe

Most times you've wanked in a day?
6.  it was a blast

How long is your hair?
hmmm long i guess.  it just covers my ears and comes a bit past my eyes.  it looks hot right now.  mirrorboy u know how it looks =)

Can i touch it and play with it?
mirrorboy, u can touch and play with anything u like =)

How long is your dick?
id say about 7 inches.  give or take......

Can i touch it and play with it?
like i said before ;)

3 things you like least about you?
hmmm well i have a short temper, im single, and i can be irrational

Favorite 3 things about you?
my hair, my personality, and my taste in boys =)

Whose your favorite boy in australia?
easy, mirrorboy

ok so there ya go.    answering questions is fun.  i hope u enjoy.
so tomorrow, ill post another aaron post.  we shared a milkshake the other day.  it felt really nice.

o well.  until next time.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ask me anything!!!!

So im bored, and i like answering questions, so i figured why not let all you people out there ask me any question they want.  Thats right, any question they want me to answer.  And ill answer it with 100% honesty.  

So fire away!

haha im excited.  

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

History of Aaron #3: Cuddle Time

So first id like to thank everyone for there awesome comments.  I never realized before how much i like them, so keep it up!!!  haha

So heres part 3

History of Aaron #3: Cuddle Time

So after that little football game, we did everything together.  I mean EVERYTHING!!!!! People at school were like wtf is going on.  I was asked a few times if we were gay together haha.  Even both our parents thought we were.  We we were always together, and we did things normal friends dont do.  There was a lot of touching and flirting and stuff like that.  And i loved it.  We had so much fun together.  So one day, and I dont remember how exactly it started, but we went to my house after school and we like, cuddled.  We were laying in my bed and we just were holding eachother.  i loved it.  and he must have too because we did it all the time.  Like every week for a year.  it was spectacular.  

So thats it for now.  Hope u liked it.  comment!!!

So on another note, had a pretty eventful day.  Got some people mad at me, but the smooth mother fucker that i am fixed the whole thing.  That boy i like Tim fucked up his ankle pretty bad in gym, and i fucked up my knee really bad playing basketball.  Hurts like shit.  

So yeah.  I seem to be getting more and more followers.  Theres only one person I can thank for that.  Mirrorboy!!!!  I loves u!!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009


So as you can probably see, I changed some shit around.  I was gonna have it all red but it hurt my eyes.  So i just have a dash of red.  Let me know what ya think =)

So yeah went on a little dinner date with Aaron last night.  We got some food then came back to my house where we watched some tv.  it was nice.  And i realized that no matter how much he pisses me off or annoys me, and no matter how much I just want to punch him in the face and yell at him for being an ass, I will always love him.   I will love him no matter what.  And that scares me.  Im afraid that when we part ways for college, or just life in general, that im gonna die inside. So yeah, something i get to look forward to.......ugh......

Anyway, Ill post another Aaron history thing soon.  They're kinda hard to write.  Not sure why........

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Sorry about that last post.  I would never stop blogging.  i have to much fun =)

I was just tired of all the drama and stuff.  Whateves.

So ill post another Aaron history thing tomorrow.  I would now but ive got a lot on my mind. Plus, aarons coming over later, so i gotta prepare for that.

Have a cute boy pic.  Got it from mirrorboys and jakes secret project


He very well might be the cutest thing ive ever seen in the               entire to aaron.......

Saturday, April 18, 2009

blog world bullshit

Im getting kinda upset with all this blog world crap thats been going on.  Ive only been doing this for like 3 months and it seems like the minute i start getting to know people, blog world explodes.  And ive been kinda trying to piece it back together, but its hard.  

I just wish things were the way they used to be.

If it doenst start changing for the good, then there isnt really any point for me to continue this stupid blog.


Friday, April 17, 2009


Had a bit of a party last night.  When the parents are away, this boy likes to play!  haha that sounds weird.  So some friends came over and we didnt get to sleep till around 730 in the morning.  So im a bit tired right now.  

So one of my friends who came over, Tim, is awesome.  And i think I might be developing a bit of a crush O_o  

So theres Aaron and now Tim.  Not new for me to be falling for more than one boy.  There was a time when i was crushing on 5 boys at the same time.  haha.  yea, im a whore =)

Also, I heard something about the new york governor doing something for gay marriage.  Im really not big on gay shit.  Like at all.  I feel bad for saying it but, I really dont care that much, and I really should.  I think i dont really classify myself as gay.  I just fuck boys.  Which is gay. But i dont consider myself gay.  haha wtf.  I really have no idea why im like that.  But hey, America is maturing.  And maybe in the future, when i figure out why i am the way i am, ill be able to get legally married anywhere in the U.S. to some boy im madly in love with, like Aaron (or mirrorboy).  haha only in my dreams.  Maybe..............

So yup, thats it for today.  Im gonna go nap.  alone.  and naked.  ;)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

History of Aaron #2: Falling in Love

So, like I promised, here is part 2 of the  part series, History of Aaron.

Part #2: Falling in Love

So after a while of not really liking Aaron, he really grew on me.  The gay jokes stopped, and when ever someone still said them, I was the first to tell them to stop.  We bacame really good friends.  We would play basketball, football, you name it, we were together.  So one day, me and my friends were playing football.  Aaron was late, as usual, and we were all bitching about it, myself included.  So he shows up, and as he is walking over to us, I just got this feeling in my stomach.  He looked so beautiful to me.  And I knew right there, that I was in love.  So he walks up to us, and for some reason, I walked up to him and hugged him.  He was like "thanks" and then we played football.  My team won, as usual.  =)

so yeah, theres part #2.

and on another note, I used to have 11 followers but now i only have 10.  curious.......


im sorry guys but ive been busy with a lot of shit lately.  Been with Aaron a lot =)  But i pinky promise that I will post a new History of Aaron installment in the morning.  I PROMISE!!!!!  So yea not a whole lot to say.  Mirrorboy is never on msn anymore and we havent talked in weeks.  Not to pleased about that.  ugh idk.  im tired.  this post is pointless.  i need sleep.

i miss you mirrorboy, and i wonder if u even missed me at all.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009


So my birthday is right around the corner.  Ill be the big 18!!! Which means I could get charged with rape (sorry mirrorboy, looks like your gonna have to wait a few years ;)  So everyone should get me something good =)

Sorry i haven't been doing those Aaron history things as often as i said i would.  Ive just been busy........with aaron.....haha.  Weve been together a lot lately.  So yea ill post eventually, when im not with him.  Hes kinda my #1 priority.  

hmmmm, cute boy?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

History of Aaron #1: Meeting Aaron

So like I said, here is the first installment of my 6 part series, History of Aaron.

Part #1: Meeting Aaron  

So it was the first day of Highschool.  I was a freshmen and I was ready to rock and roll.  So in my first hour i had a few friends already in there, and we all sat together in a corner.  So in front of us were these two kids.  We recognized one of them, John, from football practice but we had no idea who the other kid was.  So John introduced us to him.  It was none other than Aaron.  And to be completely honest, me and my friends really didnt like him at all.  He was weird, quiet, and just...idk...strange.  So like the ass hole we were, we kinda made fun of him a little.  Just a bit of teasing.  Some gay jokes were thrown out, and im not proud of that, but it happened.

So yeah, thats part one.  Kinda short sure, but that builds the anticipation :)
So ill try to do a history lesson everyday, but i cant make any promises.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

IM BACK!!!!!

im back!!  But i never really left so whatevs.  so there has been some on going drama in my personal life (cough aaron cough) and in order for me to post about it, i need to fill you all in on whats happened between us.  So starting tomorrow, or the next day, im gonna start posting on the history on me and aaron!!!  yay!!!! get hype.  so then once u all know the history, the current problem will make more sense.  i mean its not really a problem, just like, shit i think you should all know.  Not really tho.  I mean the point of this blog is to share my life, so i guess thats why im telling you guys.  Yea ok.  wow that makes no sense.  I might be high right now.  wtf, am i high?  whatevs.  

ps. im pretty sure mirrorboy hates me.  Im sorry mirrorboy.

Monday, April 6, 2009

i fucked up

i fucked things up.  things have just been moving WAY to fast, and its kinda freaking me out.  I need to take a break from this whole other world for a bit.  I need to think about stuff, figure some shit out.  Im gonna take a few hours to just, like, i guess meditate. idk.  I hope i didnt hurt anyone or anything.  its just been happening so fast.  mirrorboy, if your reading this, im sorry if i did anything to make u sad.  i love u and i just want u to be happy.  Im still gonna be online and stuff.  Im not leaving.  I just need some time to think.  

I love all you guys.  And AJ, please, everything is going to be ok.  

late night

i was up REALLY late last night.  I was talking to a bunch of people on msn.  Landyn, mirrorboy, bob, john, D, and Aj, all of whom are amazing (= So yeah, i was up till like 2 am but luckily, school was cancelled.  So in the end it all worked out pretty well.  Short post so i guess heres a cute boy for ya.

and mirrorboy, thank you.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

cute boys, cute boys everywhere but not a drop to drink...

there has been a large increase in cute boys that have flown accross my radar in the past few days. 3 if I remember correctly.  I was driving my car when i came to a red light, and i looked over to my left and there was cute boy #1, driving with his mom.  I saw cute boy #2 at my sisters play practice.  Nothing like an 8th grade cutie :)  And then cute bot #3 has been going to my school all year and I just saw him yesterday.  I dont mean to bag but im a pretty popular kid, and I know freshman all the way up to seniors, but this boy, somehow, broke through the cracks.  O well, I know him now.  His name is Josh :)  

Anyway, I did talk to Landyn for the first time last night.  Mirrorboy was right, hes awesome.  Me and him are like the same person.  Its crazy.  I hope hes on msn more.  

Well i suppose thats it.  Keep on truckin'

Thursday, April 2, 2009


just wanted to say a quick thank you to Bob for the gift card.  For someone I really dont know at all to just give me 50 bucks is awesome.  I really cant thank you enough.  I have no idea what im going to spend it on.  Well, ill let you know what i fine.  Thanks again Bob, it was really awesome of you.