Sunday, March 29, 2009

live update!!

ok so i thought id do like a live update thing.  nothing really special but Aaron is over RIGHT now. haha.  As i type, im looking at his cute little feet.  OMG he just wiggled his toes.  ok hold on our shows back.  ok back.  hes twirling his hair now.  man hes sooooooo cute. ok hes gotta go so im gonna walk him up.  ok back.  hes gone.  i did get a nice goodbye hug.  he smells good.  haha it must be weird reading this.  it doesnt really make sense. ok ill talk to you guys later.

fucked up week

Not the best week ive ever had.  School sucked.  I had like 5 tests, one of them in math which im no good at.  Just not the best week at school.  Arron was also being REALLY annoying.  Not really sure why but he was just being a really big douche.  And I think it was wednesday when I just got really depressed.  I just had this huge sense of lonelyness.  I was a mess. Ask mirrorboy about it, he helped me get out of it.  Isnt mirrorboy fantastic?  On a good note however, today was superb. Played basketball and i KILLED it.  I was just feeling it.  And Aaron is coming over later so i have that to look forward to ;)  so yeah sorry i havnt posted in a while.  Ill be better in the future.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Well i just recently got back from Aarons house.  But before the story, my friend matt told me to capitalize more in my blog so im gonna try to appease him.  So at Aarons, I had a lot of fun and all but something strange happened.  Aaron, myself, and his mom were all talking in his kitchen.  Just a normal conversation about life and college and shit like that.  So me and Aaron shared an inside joke, some stupid little thing, and i looked over at his mom, and she was looking at me very strangely.  It was just a look i had never seen before.  A look that gave me the impression that she knew i was head over heels in love with her son.  idk.  i might be paranoid but it really got me thinking.  So i left soon after that.  Idk.  Maybe im crazy.....

Thursday, March 19, 2009

wonderful day

i had a GREAT day today.  school was great.  didnt do really much of anything so i just messed around and had fun.  had a great lunch that was delicious.  and after school, aaron took me to get ice cream :)  it was absolutely spectacular.  and on top of that, my ncaa basketball bracket is doing pretty fucking good.  i could win a lot of money so fingers crossed.  im pretty horny so im gonna go take care of that ;)    later

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

big head

so ive been told by a few people (cough mirrorboy cough) that i have a really big ego.  and i mean i didnt deny it.  But today at school, i was kinda listening to myself talk and wow, my ego is HUGE!!!!  i mean, im cute and i know it.  im good at football and i know it.  and im not gonna just keep my mouth shut.  im gonna show off.  haha.  i can be an ass sometimes.  o well.  anyway, school is pretty much pointless.  the teachers have given up which makes class really boring.  ugh.  tomorrow should be better tho.  i hope.  well i should get some rest.  

Saturday, March 14, 2009

good day

I had a great day yesterday.  just great.  aaron does the cutest thing when im mad at him and it makes me smile.  we were at school and i was mad at him for some reason, i cant remember exactly why, and he could tell i was pissed.  so what he does is he starts to draw me pictures.  just pictures of whatever.  scenes from movies, a sunny day, dogs.  just whatever.  and i cant help but laugh and just forget why i was even mad at him in the first place.  he knows me to well.  and then after school we played football, went to a friends and just had a great day.  strange to think such a great day could happen on friday the thirteenth.

Monday, March 9, 2009


hey there.  sorry its been so long.  i haven't really had anything to talk about. i dont really have anything to talk about now.  hmmmm lets see.   saw that watchmen movie.  pretty good but the book was way better.  went to aarons house.  had fun but nothing to "fun".  ate some pretty delicious pasta my mom made.  haha.  man i live a boring life.  ugh i didnt sleep well and i dont really want to go to school but i have to so ill write more later.  cya

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

wonderful sleep

i finally had a good nights sleep last night.  i went to bed at like 10 and slept the whole night.  it was wonderful.  i feel fantastic.  yeah so anyway life is pretty good.  i dont really have anything to talk about.   um........cute boy?


Monday, March 2, 2009

fuck school

i went back to school today.  it wasnt that bad.  i didnt really do anything so i cant complain.  but ive been having trouble sleeping.  i can get to sleep fine, but i cant stay asleep.  it really pisses me off.  after school i took a 4 hour nap, and i missed dinner.  i ended up eating 5 bowls of cereal.  haha i guess i was hungry.  so yea, im gonna try to get to bed.