Monday, October 26, 2009

something big

so the weekend went well. Megan and luke came on friday. we ate good food and just chilled out. Tyler came on saturday and we did a bunch of fun shit. went to the mall, went out to eat. we went to ihop for breakfast on sunday, and he actually ate more than me. i was surprised because hes really small. it was nuts. it was a really fun weekend. he even used my pillow and blanket when he slept. it felt like me and tyler were becoming better friends. There was this one time we were at the mall and i see this extremely cute boy, and i look aver at tyler and hes staring at him too. it was just funny how we were both looking at him for the same reason, but everyone knows hes gay and everyone thinks im straight. I tried leaving him hints and flirting as much as i could, but who knows.

there was a moment when we were talking about some bible shit and he was making fun of laviticus and how it was a sin to eat shellfish or something. then, waaaaayyyy later that night, he brought it back up and was like "dan, u know what else is in laviticus? how its an abomination for a man to sleep with another man" and i was "really? thats stupid"
i thought it was a bit odd how he only told me this, no one else. curious.

i feel differently about tyler. like, i really like him and im pretty sure i have a huge crush on him. but at the same time, it feels like i dont. i was thinking a lot about it today, and i think its because i knows hes gay. like i fell head over heels in love with aaron, and i wasnt sure if he was gay or straight. not knowing was part of the allure. but with tyler i know, and its like, do i like him cause of who he is personally, or do i like him just because hes gay? thats a good question, and one i havnt been able to answer yet. i was gonna think about it last night, but i fell asleep, so maybe tonight. i know what i feel in the pit of my stomach is something big.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The new Tyler situation

So it looks like Tyler is comin to visit this weekend. I figured I'd fill u in on all the little details about the whole thing.

Ok so there's my good friend and room mate Ethan. We've known eachother since 4th grade but this past summer is when we starte hanging out more and we became pretty goodfriends. Now when I strted hanging ou. With him, I got integrate into his friend group.

His friends
Tyler is a really good friend of ethans. They go to the gym together and is normally over when I go over. Tylers also the boy I've got a crush on, for those of u who don't remember.
Megan is another really good friend of ethans and even a better friend to Tyler. She's pretty awesome and I'm pretty sure has a crush on me. What can I say, I am pretty irresistable.
Luke is another friend who I actually knew before this whole thong. We were in th same math class in 10th grade. He's really good friends with Megan and Ethan, and kinda with Tyler.

So the three of them are coming to visit ethan, but ill be there.

So i guess im just gonna try to flirt as much as i can. this post was suppose to go somewhere but it kinda fizzled out. i wrote it in history class, and i forgot what i was going for.

ok, well ill let u know whats going on soon.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


i was so bored in class yesterday so i doodled. heres the end result.
(click to make bigger)

so yeah sorry about the last post. i was kinda stressed about my whole history exam(i gotta B+) and idk i was tired of the low amounts of comments. I understand that people are busy and stuff, but if i write about shit and no one comments, it feels like no one cares. Whateves dont pay any attention to my confusingness.

so on another note, ive been thinking a lot about tyler. not sure why, but i just really wanna be his bf. haha its weird cause i havent seen him in like almost 2 months. who knows, maybe im just lonely.

ok well just a quick update. later.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

a tad pissed

so i guess no one wants to see pictures of me. 2 of my 62 follers commented, which really makes me feel good. thanks folks.

for the 2 that did comment, thank you. maybe ill send u a pic.

i had shit to post about, but i dont feel like it anymore.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

he smelled soooo good

I had a pretty good weekend. Aaron came and visited on Sunday for a while. Right when he got here, I gave him a huge hug. He smelled soooooo good. I missed it. So I took him on a tour of campus and then we went out to dinner. It was nice. We talked about college and shit. He asked if I was getting any ass. It was good to see a familiar face.

On Monday I had this huge history exam. I studied like a mother fucker, but it was still pretty tough. I think I get it back today, so fingers crossed.

I remember people telling me how fun college is, but it takes time to adjust. I really had no problem adjusting. College is great. I love everything about it. I'm the type of person who does what needs to be done. If I need to go to class, I'll go with no problem. If I need to write a paper, I'll do it no problem. That probably my favorite thing about me. If there's a task at hand, I'm gonna do it.

theres this blog i just stumbled upon and im loving it. i read it all day yesterday. Thoughts of a Gay Boy in Highschool is the blog, and its run by tyler. its a really great blog and i love it.

also, my friend sent me a bunch of pictures he took while we were at his lake house over the summer. some good pics of me. i was thinking for my one year blogging anniversary, which is slowly creeping up, i might post a pic or 2 of myself. nothing to crazy, but a nice pic of me.

ok well im out. hope u enjoyed.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

100 facts about me

100 posts mean 100 facts. i hope u like.

1. my favorite word is fuck.
2. i have a dog named max, and i miss him more than my family.
3. if i dont get a successful job, ive considered turning to a life of crime.
4. i have a thing for feet.
5. i used to be deathly afraid of spiders, but not anymore.
6. i love hot dogs.
7. ive cried at a lot of movies, but i wont admit it.
8. my dick is a solid 6.7 inches.
9. whenever im in the room of a cute boy, i smell there boxers =)
10. ive been in love once.
11. i jacked off in all my friends houses.
12. i hate sausage on my pizza.
13. my favorite color is red.
14. im not good with managing my money.
15. i went through an asian faze in 7th grade. didnt last long.
16. im not really into reading.
17. football is the greatest sport ever to grace the planet earth.
18. im an athiest.
19. i really wish i was born in 1915 so i could have fought in world war 2.
20. ive never been on an airplane.
21. i hate people who dont watch where their going.
22. i hate carrots.
23. if i were to have a son, id name him derrick.
24. i used to eat a lot of ramen noodles, but not anymore.
25. i love raspberry pie.
26. i like the bacon cheese burger at outback steak house. its my favorite restaurant.
27. im 25% italian, 25%polish, and 50% irish.
28. in porn, i like it when boys moan. its a turn on.
29. ive never broken a bone. some might say im an 'iron man'........
30. i like to smoke weed every now and again.
31. depending on where i get them, i usually eat french fries plane.
32. all my friends from home, i kinda never want to see them again. i wanna move on.
33. i hate people who dont use common sense.
34. i look good in a bathing suit.
35. when i see a cute boy, the 3 things i look at are 1) face/hair, 2) legs, 3) butt.
36. i hate beards on guys.
37. i love the rain.
38. i whistle a lot.
39. i rather be cold than hot.
40. things that are fried taste good.
41. i only wear black socks, cause i find them sexy.
42. i dont really like partys, cause every one is just stupid, but i go, and i always end up having fun.
43. my phone is red.
44. when theres a thunderstorm, i like to sit in my garage with the door open and just watch and listen to the rain.
45. i bite my nails. not because im nervous, i just like my nails even at all times.
46. i like tap water over purified water. purified water tastes like grossness.
47. back at home, when i saw a spider in my room i would sleep in our library.
48. my xbox 360 is red.
49. ive had 2 girlfriends. kelsey and lauren.
50. i ate an entire pizza a week ago. i was so hungry, it didnt matter how bad i felt afterward.
51. i work out 3-4 times a week.
52. i wear glasses to see far away. helps in class.
53. ive jerked off to mitch hewer a billion times.
54. if someone near me throws up, im likely to throw up. i dont do vomit.
55. 55 is my favorite number.
56. ive done sexual things with 2 guys. blowjobs and handjobs.
57. i dont really like horror movies.
58. right now, my hair keeps falling in my eyes and its making them itch.
59. i shave my pubes every now and again. not completely, just to make them look nice.
60. hair color doesnt matter much to me. as long as it complements the face.
61. ive been told i have a big ego.
62. i dont like having people sitting behind me in class. i need to see everyone.
63. im a picky eater.
64. im a sucker for a guy with blue eyes.
65. i like vanilla ice cream over chocolate.
66. i regret 2 things in my life. the whole aaron incident, and quitting the football team.
67. i lost my virginity when i was 14. it was with my girl friend lauren. (never told anyone that before).
68. i used to work for some landscaping company. i liked it. made my hands blister tho.
69. i 69ed with my best friend a long time ago. it was awesome. we arnt that great of friends anymore.
70. i used to fuck my pillows.
71. i really want to go to new orleans and try the cray fish.
72. i think one of my room mates is gay.
73. i shower before i go to bed.
74. i dont like the idea of riming a guys ass. just seems gross.
75. i hit a deer with my car once. no damage luckily.
76. i love it when movies have a little clip after the credits. its a nice little surprise.
77. every morning when i wake up, i have a raging boner and have to piss really bad.
78. i dont do well in awkward situations. i tend to laugh really hard, almost to the point of tears.
79. when i was a kid i wanted to be a mailman.
80. in my life time, ive probably only read 5 or 6 books.
81. i hate it when gay guys are called queens.
82. i try to jack off at least once a day.
83. im picky about everything.
84. i always like to sit in clear view of the exits. u never know when shits gonna hit the fan.
85. i took a quiz to see if i was over aaron. it said i had officially moved on.
86. the western whopper at burger king was the best fast food burger i have ever had. to bad they got rid of it.
87. i have a lot of scars. one from biking, one from football practice, one from baseball and a tons more.
88. ive been in one physical fight before. it was with aaron.
89. im extremely competitive
90. i stole 20 dollars from my friend once. he didnt even notice it was gone.
91. i dont like to sleep in complete silence. i need a fan on.
92. i hate mashed potatoes
93. ive lived in 3 houses. all in the same town
94. my mom and dad call me D
95. i used to sleep with a blanket
96. i hate facebook
97. i really wish a zombie apocalypse would happen.
98. ive never been on an airplane
99. i dont like vegetables
100. im awesome

ok there ya go folks. hope u enjoy. comment!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Coming out

I'm in my history class again, and I've been thinking a lot about the subject of coming out. More specificsly, my own coming out.

As most of u know, I came out to my best friends a while ago. It was hard but i'm glad I did it. Anyway, I was thinking a lot about it and there are a few things I wish I would have done earlier.

I wish I had come out earlier. Like in 9th grade. Waiting until a week before college starts was not what I wanted. I would have been able to maybe find a boyfriend and I would know who my real friends would be. I also wish I would have accepted the fact that I was gay. I shouldn't have wasted 6th years of trying to pretend I was something I wasn't.

Life is just to confusing. There's that saying that you only live once and that you should just do it so u don't regret not doing it. I agree, but there's another side to it. You only live once, so don't do something to make the rest of your life shitty and miserable.

This is a lame post. I hate it. Whatevs, I'm close to 100 so stand by.