Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So like i said, heres a nice little post about me.  Im 17 and live in the state of Michigan.  Im very athletic and i love to play football and basketball as much as i can.  soccer can be fun too, but its not my favorite.  Im also gay.  It feels kinda weird to write it down like that.  Im not out to anyone, but i did tell my parents once and im pretty sure they forgot.  I mean they were cool with it and all, but they forget things a lot.  They have stressful jobs i suppose.  Im really not your typical gay guy.  Im basically straight except for one little detail.  I wanna fuck guys.  haha.  But anyway, thats pretty much me in a nutshell, and if you follow my blog, which i hope someone someday will, then you'll get to know me better.  



  1. You sound hawt. heehee :)

    Good luck with the blog. You has my blessing. lol

  2. Dan

    jeez even i would fit into your definition of straight :). And a lot of us enjoy sports.

    i wish you well with this blog and now that you are linked to mboy people will find you. take care and be safe


  3. thanks guys. this really means a lot.

  4. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging.

    It may be that your parents haven't forgotten. Just they'd rather not talk about it either because they aren't comfortable with it or they just don't have anything to say about it (which is a whole lot better than deciding they have to disown you or try to "fix" you).

    I told my folks and my older brother when I was about 25, because it was significant in what I decided to do at that point. But as you can see if you visit my blog, I've never had a bf, so it was never relevant to much of anything after that. And it was never mentioned again, by them or me.

  5. What you see on TV and in movies is not necessarily your "typical gay guy." The media distorts our image 'cause straights expect us to all be raging flamers, so that's what is seen most often. It's a vicious circle.

    Anyhow, hello! Welcome to the bloggin' world!