Saturday, February 28, 2009


so my sleepover went well.  we played xbox, watched tv, and just hung out.  He even made me breakfast.  It was delicious.  but then i left.  i hugged him and was on my way.  i had a lot of fun tho, but i didnt get to do what i REALLY wanted to.  next time, ill get my kiss.  haha.  so anyway, ill tell u a little bit of background info on mystery boy and me.  Id tell u his real name but id like to keep it secret.  Lets call him Aaron.  so when i first met him freshman year, i hated him.  I thought he was weird and i just didnt like him at all.  But he grew on me.  we became friends and then, sophomore year, i fell in love with him.  We were playing football and he was late, and when he finally showed up, as he was walking to the field, my heart just like exploded.  it was amazing.  so yea thats that.  theres a lot more stuff to write about us but thats for another time.


  1. Dan

    I am happy that being close to your friend and enjoying time with him is good for you but i am worried in the end of the pain of rejection you may have, Becareful that you keep in mind he may be striaght and all this effort maybe for naught. We all do this as most boys are not gay but it is still hard to accept that your love and feelings are not returned

    take care and be safe


  2. Dan, I think bob makes a good point. I kinda know what you mean about your heart exploding when Aaron was walking toward the field that day. You haven't told us if you have any reason to think that he is gay.

    We all hope that the person we're in love with is gay. And so we imagine that all sorts of things mean he must be. But the thing is, often it is just the way a straight guy shows his friendship. Because straight guys have friends that they can like a lot.

    So if you make a move, be prepared for the possibility that he will never love you the way you love him.

    On the other hand, if you never at least explore cautiously, you'll never know.

    If you can stand being just friends with him if he's straight, that would be great. If you can be content to be with him even if he doesn't love you the way you love him, that's great. Because it's a good thing to have good friends.