Thursday, August 26, 2010

hello again

IM HOME!!!! actually ive been home for over a week. After spending a week with the same people, when i got home i just didnt want to deal with anything. so i didnt blog, didnt go on msn, barely tweeted. it was a nice little break. but now im back!

so my trip was pretty awesome. California is amazing. the weather is gorgeous. We went to universal studios, disney land, the san diego zoo, hollywood. It was awesome. And flying was really a piece of cake.

there were billions of cute boys. it was ridiculous. its like they have them in bulk over there. I fantasized about so many boys. it was pretty awesome.

got home and just chilled with friends. didnt see lee till tuesday. aaron was really getting on my nerves on monday. im most definitely over him. but damn, im still very sexually attracted to him. hes so sexy to me.

and whats weird is, during my trip, i really didnt miss lee. i feel like i missed my dog more than i missed lee. and when i got home i was just like meh. i didnt really care if i saw him or didnt. but the minute he got here i ripped his clothes off and had my way with him. its like after not seeing him for over a week and then finally having him in front of me, it like reminded me that i can do anything i want to this boy. so i did. amazing.

school starts in a little less than 2 weeks. im ready to go back. so is lee.

so yeah just a nice little update. i didnt really go into great detail, so if anyone has any questions about anything, please ask. ill answer asap.


  1. so are you two moving in together after all?

  2. It's the difference between love and lust.

  3. lol so thats interesting-- u mean like hving him there reminded you that u can do anything to him? or that you love him? or do u not distinguish between the two?

    i kinda feel sorry for lee with that paragraph...he just sounds like a receptacle. i hope im just reading it wrong >_>

    in any case-- im glad you had a good trip!!


  4. yeah u read it wrong. or more like i wrote it wrong. it was like the minute he walked in, it all came back. i love him, so i can do anything i want. i hope that makes sense.

  5. thanks for telling me you were coming to my area