Friday, September 17, 2010


so im sorry about the long absence. Ive been taking a break from blog world. and im not gonna lie, its been pretty nice.

but now im back.

So after having what i like to call a mini mental breakdown, im back to feeling like my old self, if not better. I dropped out of school and am taking the semester off. i got a job. and i didnt break up with lee.

so all in all im all better.

maybe one day in the future ill post the whole story, but for right now i just wanted u all to know im not dead.

also, for some stupid reason, msn deleted my email account, which means i have to use a new email for msn. so everyone who i normally talk to.....


we can talk and laugh and not give a mother of fuck. itll be wonderful. =)


  1. ADD MEAT really jumps out at the bottom of your post.


    I'm glad you didn't split with Lee; it would've just added more (unneeded) stress.

    I dropped out of school for a semester, too, and my head was in a much better place when I returned.

    Hang in there!

  2. hope that things are fine, don't overstress yourself dan. glad you didn't break up with lee, not that i know the full story but he's just too dear to you and you know that. added you so hope to chat soon kay? HUGS.

  3. Hi there, Dan

    I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better: sometimes having a complete break from things can do a lot of good. It sounds as if you've taken a lot of decisions: I don't know why you're taking a semester off, but the job should help your financial situation, at least, and hopefully will look good on your resume (I hope that's the right word). I'm especially glad that you didn't break up with Lee: you've sounded so happy about your relationship up to now that I think it would be a real shame to let it go.

    Take care


  4. @Lightning
    LMAO! I agree ADD MEAT really jumps out :p

    Well Id be curious to hear the whole story, but dont retell it just to force yourself to go back through all and get upset again. Glad your all better, and feeling good about everything.