Saturday, January 23, 2010


So ive been getting asked what my major is by some people. I dont have one. For a long time i thought i wanted to be a history major and then i would teach like high school kids as a job. But after taking my history classes, it kinda changed my mind. So as of right now, i have no idea. History is still my best and favorite subject, so i might go back to it.

So lately, there has been a huge amount of cute boys running around. its crazy. its like every where i look, theres a cute boy, and all i can do is undress them with my eyes. Theres this cute flamboyant gay kid in my psychology class, and id love to get some of that ass. But the only way i feel i can really get anything is if i come out. so who knows, i might just come out pretty soon here. we'll see.

miss u guys on msn. i hate being this busy. matt, sorry i havent been on as much. we'll talk soon.



  1. Ewww history lol
    Well what ever you decide to do hope you enjoy it.

    Good luck on coming out hope it goes well for you

  2. Oooh. History! I love history too. Well except my country's. lol. It's boring.

    Well, you should think of what your major will be. I had the same problem a year ago. I love math but i struggled in keeping up. It was the first time I failed math so I wanted to get out of it. I'm interested in European Languages so I shifted. Now, I'm missing math again coz I did not do well in EL. I thought I could learn it on my own (I did. I learned 4 languages on my own.) so I stopped going to classes. So yeah. Take your time thinking and don't rush things. Don't be like me. Do what your heart tells you.

    Good luck!

  3. Is ok, I'm quite busy myself. We'll work something out.

  4. Love history as well! Good luck on the coming out if you go that route!

    Lots of love,

    PS: Love the blog!

  5. as you figure out your major- remember you can still take courses in subjects that interest you that aren't your major. It's good to expose yourself to as much as possible- you'll figure it out.

    and you will know when coming out is right for you- in the meantime- enjoy the cute boy spotting ;-)

  6. Dan

    i agree come out for the right reasons but all those cute boys do sound nice :)

    as for a major i believe your first thought is probably still your best thought

    take care and be safe