Saturday, January 30, 2010


i have so much school work to do. A sociology test on monday, a psychology test on tuesday, I have a paper to do by tuesday, i have 2 online quizzes for alcohol and drug awareness. UGH!!!!
I hate all this work. But i gotta do it.

So yeah just checking in. Hope everyone is doing ok, especially AJ, hope u feel better after the accident.

Sorry about the lack of posts as of late. Im just swamped. Ill be back soon.


  1. Little college secret. You don't have to do it all.

    Just figure out the important stuff and skip the rest.

  2. I am fine... less sore now... just achey.

    And yea... I am sure you are plenty aware of drugs and alcohol... you should be just fine... lol

    Miss talking to you buddy. Stay sexy :-P


  3. Good luck with your school... You'll see, everything will be ok