Sunday, November 7, 2010


so ive got a crush. a huge one.

theres this boy. ive never talked to him. ive never seen him in real life. i only really know what he decides to share on the internet. hes been in my dreams. i think about him a lot.

i have a huge crush on this boy.

and it feels wonderful.

i havent felt this way in a long time. i never really felt this way about lee. lee just...happened.

but the one thing that is kinda fucking with my head is that this boy is a lot like lee. like, almost the same thing. looks a lot like lee and everything. but idk.

idk. its nuts. im nuts. but all i know is i feel wonderful.


  1. If he's that much like Lee, isn't it really a crush on Lee, despite what you said in the previous post?

  2. Did you break it with Lee yet? Don't break his heart, Dan. =__=

  3. hey dan, i would like some detals on this boy soon. well tbh i am dreaming that it mite be me after the email i sent you, boys can dream cant they. hope everything works well. hope you can email back sometime, its jacob. xxx