Monday, November 29, 2010

a bunch of shit

u ever wake up really really horny? like, unbelievably horny? happened to me this morning. my god. i woke up and just all i wanted to do was get my nut off. i kept grinding into my bed. haha must have looked kinda funny.

every time im at work i see josh. and
every time i see josh, he just gets more and more cute. like, wtf. why cant he be gay? fuck. i really wanna see him naked.

so me and lee are no longer dating. he actually called me. left me a voice mail. "we need to talk"
so i called him and he was like "i think we should break up" and i was like "i agree". after we talked for a few minutes and ended our call, i kinda got sad. like, i really loved lee for a while, and to just ended it like that. idk. he deserved a better boyfriend.

any one try the new french fries at wendys? when i first heard about the change, i was furious. i fucking loved wendys french fries. but i gotta say, damn. the new ones are better. they kept the same taste, but changed the.......something. im not sure what they did, but im pleased.

its a really great day out today. just beautiful. it worries me tho. this could be the last nice day. and when there are no more nice days it snows, which means no more rain. i love the rain. its so calming. and when its over and the sun peaks through....o man. but snow is fun for a while. i just hate the cold.

kinda random post. have a pic tho.


  1. Not that horny but yeah I've woken up horny before.

    Why can't he be gay?

    I'm assuming it ended on a good note seeing how you didn't write an entire post about breaking up with him.
    Breaking up is never happy moment but looks like you learned something and he did too.
    Plus with you two far away I doubt that helped much either

    Nope never had them. Never been their for that matter. Sounds good right now though

    I like snow not much for rain but hate the cold.

    Cute Boy.

    That was random? Guess it doesn't help that I blog like that too
    Take Care Dan,

  2. At this point it seems to me that the best you can do about Josh is to be friendly. It will take some effort on your part to train yourself to accept that the friendship will not be sexual. Just keep reminding yourself that it's "just friends." But if you enjoy his company, it's worth it to try to have that kind of friendship.

  3. sorry to hear bout you and lee. :S. It sucks when the guy you like is hot but straight! You should get him drunk and see what happens lol. no acutally don't do that haha.

    Wish we have a wendys here in NZ - well we do but only in the main city. which is like 5 hours away :O