Wednesday, December 1, 2010


comments have been lacking. not loving that. it really doesnt help me want to write anything when i think people dont read it. if theres one thing a blog needs to remain healthy, its comments.

you all should comment more.


  1. sorry :-) i read the post on my phone at work and didnt comment.

    so it sounds like the josh thing isnt healthy -- as hes straight :/ i hate crushing on straight guys its really frustrating.

    are you going back to school next semester? so what are you doing outside of work? what is filling your time? music? movies? games? constant masturbation?

    hey i take it the pic on the last post isnt you, right? Im still curious what the mysterious daily dan looks like! ;-)

    Much Love,

  2. You are going to have to get use to the fact that commenting is starting to go down in blogger

    Anyway hope you are still doing well Dan
    Take Care,

  3. *comment*

    glad to see that your break up wasn't too messy

    and get on msn once in a while :)

  4. hey delicious dan!

    ya we suck i know! sowwy!

    Lee seemed nice. But things didnt seem right between u too. So im glad u guys called it quits. Very mature.

    Yeah, like Olive said, get ur ass on MSN more and then I'll feed u One Direction link more often lol

  5. Sorry! I read every post but don't comment often enough. I've been reading since your second post, though. ^_^

  6. People read and only comment if they have something to add. Your blog entries are so perfect, there is nothing more to add!


  7. Hi dan catching up on the blog i follow. Most of the time it's via google reader and cannot comment. But i will make an effort to comment here in the future

  8. I'm sorry I haven't posted for some time. I hope it doesn't hurt your feelings too much.

    I've always enjoyed your writing and hearing about your life.

    I hope you have a wonderful winter holiday season.

  9. Not only that but good solid links and posts. I love getting comments, but I have a lot of silent readers. This doesn't bug me too much!