Wednesday, April 20, 2011

im still.....

in love with aaron.


  1. I had a real hard time reading this post. It was incredibly complex and I could interpret it in many different ways. In the end, I am still profoundly confused and puzzled.

    kudos chap!

  2. Do something to get your mind off of him. Be around other people as much as possible. Don't spend time alone. Move forward with your life, aggressively.


    P.S. Your blog is fantastic! Been reading for 18 months, just never commented til now :)

  3. dan

    im still in love with someone i met when i was your age and i mean that whenever i think of him the meories and passions come right back

    i dont know if its just a human thing. I do hope you find someone. I talked to landy the other day he said he was ok

    take care and be safe