Tuesday, March 17, 2009

big head

so ive been told by a few people (cough mirrorboy cough) that i have a really big ego.  and i mean i didnt deny it.  But today at school, i was kinda listening to myself talk and wow, my ego is HUGE!!!!  i mean, im cute and i know it.  im good at football and i know it.  and im not gonna just keep my mouth shut.  im gonna show off.  haha.  i can be an ass sometimes.  o well.  anyway, school is pretty much pointless.  the teachers have given up which makes class really boring.  ugh.  tomorrow should be better tho.  i hope.  well i should get some rest.  


  1. dan

    if it is the truth all these things then how could it be ego talking :P it is sad your teachers have given up teaching you

    i guess you will have to learn on your own lol

    take care and be safe


  2. A big head means there's just more cuteness for us all to enjoy. ^_^