Saturday, March 14, 2009

good day

I had a great day yesterday.  just great.  aaron does the cutest thing when im mad at him and it makes me smile.  we were at school and i was mad at him for some reason, i cant remember exactly why, and he could tell i was pissed.  so what he does is he starts to draw me pictures.  just pictures of whatever.  scenes from movies, a sunny day, dogs.  just whatever.  and i cant help but laugh and just forget why i was even mad at him in the first place.  he knows me to well.  and then after school we played football, went to a friends and just had a great day.  strange to think such a great day could happen on friday the thirteenth.


  1. Glad to see you happy, cutie. :)


  2. Dan

    it is nice to know yo have a friend that can make you happy when you are down as we all need good friends, take care ands be safe


  3. :)

    That's good.

    Thanks for telling us.