Sunday, March 22, 2009


Well i just recently got back from Aarons house.  But before the story, my friend matt told me to capitalize more in my blog so im gonna try to appease him.  So at Aarons, I had a lot of fun and all but something strange happened.  Aaron, myself, and his mom were all talking in his kitchen.  Just a normal conversation about life and college and shit like that.  So me and Aaron shared an inside joke, some stupid little thing, and i looked over at his mom, and she was looking at me very strangely.  It was just a look i had never seen before.  A look that gave me the impression that she knew i was head over heels in love with her son.  idk.  i might be paranoid but it really got me thinking.  So i left soon after that.  Idk.  Maybe im crazy.....


  1. Depends if you were gazing at him longingly or not. Or you never know, she might have noticed the stiffy in your pants. :)


  2. If Aaron hasn't guessed, then his mom wont have. No way. Mothers don't think like that about their sons. The inside joke just brings home how she knows her son less than she once did.

  3. idk. I think I'm straight-acting. But one time I drove a guy I had a crush on to visit his mother. We didn't stay long. He told me later that she said to him that I was homosexual. Wow! (He told her I don't sleep with guys, which is true.)

    But I think she had the idea that he might be gay, so she was probably especially observant about his friends. So if Aaron's mom thinks he might be gay, she might be more likely to look for signs from his friends.

    But whatever it means, it happened. And you don't want to go and ask her, "Gee, Mrs ___, did you think I seemed gay?" lol So the only thing to do is act as if it doesn't mean anything. It may be true, and if not, there's nothing to do about it now. So let it go and behave as comfortably as you can around her.

  4. Dan

    moms just know shit i would be careful around her caise like others said when you in love it is noticable

    take care and be safe