Sunday, March 29, 2009

fucked up week

Not the best week ive ever had.  School sucked.  I had like 5 tests, one of them in math which im no good at.  Just not the best week at school.  Arron was also being REALLY annoying.  Not really sure why but he was just being a really big douche.  And I think it was wednesday when I just got really depressed.  I just had this huge sense of lonelyness.  I was a mess. Ask mirrorboy about it, he helped me get out of it.  Isnt mirrorboy fantastic?  On a good note however, today was superb. Played basketball and i KILLED it.  I was just feeling it.  And Aaron is coming over later so i have that to look forward to ;)  so yeah sorry i havnt posted in a while.  Ill be better in the future.

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  1. dan

    mirroboy is that kind of guy for sure and sorry to hear about the bad week. i hope you time with aaron is fulfilling and try to stay happy

    if you want a free math tutor just email me, and i am sure i can fix any math problem go ahead ask mboy

    take care and be safe