Sunday, February 7, 2010

A good man down

my comps broke. sent it in to get fixed. not having a comp is gona blow. Plus i need to write a paper by tuesday. fuck.

ill post more once i get my boy back. i hope my porn doesnt get deleted...


  1. i hate that. and notice how it always happens in the worst of times. sucks.

    when my computer failed, i took it in and the guy had to take everything off my computer, he started copying things to put on my external harddrive; there was a picture I saved in one of the folders named "swimboy" or something. I got so scared he would ask what it was or worse, open it ha ha. .

  2. Last week, I had to send mine because of a fan failure, but I backed up all my stuff and cleaned it up before giving it to them. I've been heavily relying on my iPhone since then.