Sunday, February 14, 2010



The weekend was the TITS.

Me and my two friends got to aarons at like 10:00 pm and there was already a party at his house. It was sick. his room mates are awesome and his house mates are just as fucking awesome. We went to a basketball game, went out to dinner, toured the campus. It was awesome.
I got to talk to a lot of people about aaron. Everyone loves him. People call him grandma because hes so nice and gives advice to everyone. He doesnt smoke weed, he rarely drinks, and he "doesnt get any pussy" and no one knows about this girlfriend except for me. So hes basically the same he was in high school.
I definitely dont like him having a girlfriend, but the whole time i was there, i felt like i kinda lost a part of him. Like, its stupid of me to keep hoping for something that will never come. and him getting a girlfriend was like a big wakeup call.

idk whatever. I feel pretty good about everything. im still alone, but im glad hes not. just wish he could be my boyfriend.


  1. Glad it went well.

    You'll be glad to have aaron as a friend once you adjust to the fact that that's all he's going to be.

  2. Well I am so glad you had fun...and yes I am shocked! How was he with his girlfriend? I mean I know it probably makes you feel funny even talking about it, but maybe it would help. Like I said in my last (?) comment-- I had a very similar situation when I was in college too with a high school friend-- who was actually bi. When I found that out-- I was even more obsessed than I already was. But he got a girlfriend and it really hurt...alot. I wasn't the same around him for quite some time. But time and space healed all and we are now really good friends, and I can honestly say that I have no romantic feelings towards him at all. It's kind of weird even typing it now, because I'm just now realizing that I haven't felt like that towards him for years, and its a good thing. he's a better friend now, and I'm a better friend to him too (well we should probably talk more, but anyways).

    Enough about me-- and I was just on MSN! Where were you dan!? jk Im going to dinner but should be on later after I do homework... in case you're around :-)


  3. Oh and not that you don't already know this-- and not that you could even control your feelings if you wanted to- BUT: just as the voice of a few years older who has regrets about my own college time: I would try hard to get over whatever you need to get over, and then put yourself out there and date while you're in college. You're supposed to be an attractive guy (say other bloggers at least) and you clearly have a good go get out there! I know that I spent too much time working, worrying about straight guys that I could never have, and not putting myself out there enough. And now I def regret it... well idk I got good grades and a good job because of it, but there is more to life than money my friend...