Friday, February 12, 2010

welcome home comp and visiting aaron

got my comp back yesterday. its was hell not having it. i was bored all the time. how did they do it 50 years ago?

im going to visit aaron at college today and staying till sunday. At first i was really excited, but now im not as much. We were texting eachother about it and he told me that he has a girlfriend. i told him that it didnt sit well with me and that it hurt. He called after i sent that text which made me feel a little better. He basically told me that he really wanted to see me and that i was like his best friend and that he was bound to get a girlfriend eventually. And i mean, it was not fun hearing that he has a gf, but it was nice to hear him say all that. and I really should understand that hes into girls and i just need to let go. easier said than done.

well im gonna nap. i guess were about to hit up some parties tonight. cya later.


  1. Did they delete your porn that you were worried about.
    Sorry about Arron, seems you were hoping for more than he can give you now.
    May you find someone to be with soon.

    Warmest thoughts

  2. Well I hope you have a good weekend... I fear that you probably wont-- especially if you have to see a lot of PDA from Aaron and his gf. I can't believe you told him that!! I know that pain, my friend-- its terrible. I have to think that this trip is only going to bring you down :-( But I will hope for the best.


  3. Hope you have fun and yeah it will take time for you get over him but I'm sure you will

    Not sure either but somehow they did survive w/o them