Thursday, July 15, 2010

ass so nice, had to look twice

so last weekend my friend john invited me up to his lake house to go boating and all that fun stuff. He also invited my friends sam, bob, and............aaron, who was home for the weekend.

So we get there and change into our swim suits and immediately my eyes are fixated on aaron. my god. gorgeous. his once bare chest had a little wisp of hair. and his ass. that juicy succulent ass. what i wouldnt do to dive dick deep into that perfectly molded boy butt. no offense to lee, but aaron has a much nicer butt. So i basically spent the entire day staring at him, which i could do because lee wasnt there and i had those sunglasses where u cant see what the person is looking at.

So it was a pretty great day. when i got home i started thinking about what would happen if aaron called me up and was like "i made a mistake. i love u. lets fuck." like, what would i do? i dont like the idea of me just leaving lee the minute aaron says i wanna fuck u. u know? thats not good. But like, aaron is aaron. i feel like i would have an extremely hard time turning him down. I have a boyfriend who i love and would do anything for, but would i turn aaron away? idk. and i hate myself for not knowing. good thing it will never happen tho.

and about my mom. she didnt say "i know u fuck lee in the basement." what happened was my dad said to me and my brother, "find a woman just like her" and my mom said "or a man"
at which point i kinda turned and left. awkward.

anyway, off to lees tomorrow. i need to get out of this house.


  1. Dude, you are not married to Lee, and monogamy is a ridiculous concept. If Aaron hits on you, you go for it. I doubt he wants a relationship with you, but he might want to try you on for size.

  2. I think you should stick to Lee I mean if you were my bf and if Aaron hits on you..

    yes I would understand your crush on him but the next time we would meet you would be my ex.

    But I'm not Lee so I don't know how he would act.
    However looking and not touching would be fine with me.

    lol your parents are funny

  3. You gotta decide whether your dick or your heart is more important. There's not necessarily a right answer cos everyone is different.

    But if i was Lee, things would definitely be over. It's fine to enjoy eye candy, but if really can't get over these fixations and 'what ifs' and be happy with something amazing that you have, then you're a Bitboy.

    ...In my opinion.

  4. Don't listen to Charley.

    Monogamy is not "a ridiculous concept;" unless you're the type who can't keep his dick in his pants and doesn't care about love.

    If Aaron hits on you, that'll be the end with Lee. He was already not pleased with you ogling other guys; cheating on him is not gonna fly.

    You say you love Lee and your posts about him have been really sweet, so I don't doubt you. Would you really be willing to throw at all away just to tickle Aaron's prostate?

    Aaron's ass is forbidden fruit, which makes it all the sweeter. Indulging in forbidden fruit, though, can have enormous repercussions.

  5. Ive heard of this thing called the 80/20 rule. Basically you and lee, together are the 80%. Loving, having fun together etc. With what could happen with aaron is the other 20%, the desire. Many people decide to leave the 80 for the 20 and thats there biggest mistake. you have a deep relationship with lee and and im sure great sex but is the 20 worth it? im not sure if this makes any sense, if it does, bonus to you!

  6. I echo Lightning Baltimore

    but like you said -- its never going to happen... so no worries there. The only thing I would worry about is trying not to worry about it as its just creating conflict in your head that you dont need and isnt necessary.

    Cant you like blur out some faces so we can get some picture examples to understand what youre talking about...? :-) For science...of course.

    Much Love,

  7. I get the impression you're more interested in Aaron than Lee.
    It's fine to look, we all do. But personally, I don't think Aaron should get a second chance. Lee is there. Lee was there when Aaron wasn't. Lee was always there for you. Lee stays with you even though he probably knows you lust after Aaron. Sometimes you must learn to love what's good for you. Well, that's one opinion. Just think about it.

    Best of luck.

  8. Don'y listen to the prudes, and I'm not promoting promiscuity. You are young. You haven't even begun to experience different people yet, and Lee's hinting at "mariage" - danger. Things change. Tastes change. And you have Aaron issues.

    Monogamy is a concept invented by (religious) men to control women ( people) - it goes against human nature and animal instinct. Don't believe me? Listen to Dan Savage.

  9. I would like to point out it's never wrong to talk about marriage with Lee or any guy bf really.

    I mean this lets you know if the guy wants you as some fuck toy or some sort of deep relationship that may end but actually meant something to you.

  10. Oh, please.

    Charley says monogamy is riduculous, so those of us in long term, monogamous relationships must be mistaken about what we want.

    Lee should be fine with you sticking your cock in whatever you want, 'cause monogamy is just a religious way for men to control women. If he has a problem with you fucking other guys, well, golly, he must just be insecure or something.



    Seriously, though, you need to decide what's important for YOU: a lasting relationship, or just a tight ass when you're horny.