Sunday, July 4, 2010

too many cuties

jesus. a lot of shits been going on. here it all is. Oh and happy fourth of july.

Wednesday: i was home alone and i was bored out of my skull. I figured id call up a friend. So i called my friend jacob. He said he was busy with another friend but that they could both stop over. i said sure. So jacob and his friend mike come over. And ive met mike a few times. Let me just tell ya, pretty fucking cute. Hes a year younger than me and jacob. so we end up hanging out all day and into the night. Eventually, mike falls asleep.....on my bed. So there was a very cute boy on my bed, and it wasnt lee.
but i wasnt on the bed with him, and i eventually told jacob to take him home. Pretty fun day tho.

thursday: Got a call from jacob saying mike wanted to hang out again, so i said hell yes. They show up at 7 and mike brought one of his friends will, who i have never met. Once again, another fucking cutie. So we chill, and this time will was the one to fall asleep in my bed. I dont know why everyone just goes to my bed. It is very comfortable. So i had two cute boys in my room. no lee.

Friday: Me and a bunch of friends were gonna have a little get together at my house. My friend john asked if it would be cool if he brought a friend from college. I said of corse. So everyone shows up at 7 and i meet this kid, josh, and omg. He was really hot. Like, damn. I just felt so attracted to him. So the party goes well and everyone leaves the next morning.

saturday: Wake up, kick everyone out, and head over to lees. get there at around 1 and we just sit there and hang out. My friend john calls me up to see if i wanted to go to his lake house for fireworks. I told him i was with lee, but he just invited lee as well. So we went to johns lake house. Got there and john and josh are there. I didnt expect him to be there. So we go out on the water and go tubing, which means that josh has to take his shirt off. bad news. i could not stop looking at him. like, i was careful about it and no one noticed.....except lee. I would look over at lee and just get these nasty looks. And i mean yeah, i should have been getting them. I definitely shouldnt have been staring. But you guys didnt see this kid. he was just so....perfect. and maybe i was attracted to the thought that he was untouchable. U know? idk. but i felt bad cause lee, my boyfriend, had to watch me go gaga over some perfect piece of boy. i know i wouldnt like it if he was staring at some cutie. but i just couldnt look away. So we had a fun day and the fireworks were nice. We said our goodbyes and me and lee went back to my house. I apologized like a thousand times, and he was giving me the "whatever i dont care" routine. i knew of corse it was bull shit. So we went to bed.

sunday(today): Woke up before lee and made him a piece of toast. Along with that piece of toast was a note that said "im sorry. i love u". I brought it to him and woke him up. One of the things i love about lee is how he wakes up. Ill shake him awake and he'll stretch all cute like a cat, then sit up, and just sit there for like 5 minutes. He wakes up and just isnt all there, u know? like it takes him a while to adjust to the land of the living. Plus i love his morning hair. So i wake him up and give him his toast, and hes just sitting there, hair a mess, eating his toast, and not saying anything. after he finally finishes his toast, he reads the note, he crawls out of bed, walks over to where im sitting and kisses me and says, "i love you too." then walks into the bathroom to take a shower.

And now, hes playing xbox and im on my comp.

so a lot of shit happened. sorry itook so long to update you guys. cute boys have been keeping me busy.


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  2. @Rhythm: Be careful you spell correctly when correcting another's spelling.


    @Dan: Having a boyfriend does not cause blindness. My husband and I point out cuties to each other, so there's no freaking out. The two important things, imo:

    1. Look, but don't touch.
    2. Don't ignore Lee in favor of staring at some nice scenery.

  3. "cute boys have been keeping me busy." definitely ^^

  4. I hope you went and had a shower with him.
    But i'm glad everything is going well

  5. things I loved about this post:

    1) yes of course-- things that are "untouchable" are always desirable...especially straight-ish boys :-)

    2) the phrase "some perfect piece of boy". I'm starting a book of Dan quotes and aphorisms.

    3) i love that you felt so bad as to take the time to write a note. I'm still not sure about you Mr Dan. Things like that make you seem like a real sentimental guy-- a big softy. But then other times you are Joe Sixpack, (cute, gay) frat boy! Nothing wrong with either-- just makes for a curious Dan :-) If that makes any sense.

    4) The extremely genuine description of Lee in the morning. Im in love with love a bit. Like I dont think i want to be in a relationship anytime soon (weird reasons), but I will gladly get my love fix vicariously through my blogger buddies ;-)

    Oh and I totally agree with Lightening Baltimore above. As the relationship goes by, you guys can become more and more realistic about the fact that (1) hot guys are everywhere, (2) you are men with lots of testosterone and penis, (3) it would be silly to think that you wont lust over other guys-- doesn't mean you dont love and commit to one another.

    Much Love,