Monday, July 19, 2010

a weekend to remember (im running out of titles)

so i left for lees on friday. got there and we just hung out for a while until like 4, when we heard talking coming from downstairs. So we walk down and lees mom and dad are sitting at the table with a young woman and some dude. The woman got up and her and lee hugged. Lee was pretty excited. He introduced me, as his boyfriend, to his sister melanie, and his sisters husband bill. we all sat down and immeditly i fell in love with her. shes awesome. she kept making gay jokes that were hilarious. me and lee were laughing but lees parents were like "oh my". bill was off on the phone somewhere for a while. i guess hes a real estate agent in chicago. idk.

anyway we all talk for a while and we order a pizza and lee, melanie, bill and i all played monopoly. Bill was pretty cool. he played football in highschool so we talked for a while about that. not bad looking either. the night wound down and me and lee went off to bed.

the next day i didnt wake up till 1230. lee made me some toast and we got dressed and went downtown. we were down there for a long ass time. we were just walking around. we ran into a few of lees friends. i will never get tired of hearing lee introduce me as his boyfriend. got back late and passed out.

next day me and lee just sat for a while. played some xbox and all that. dinner time was coming up and i was invited to join lees parents, melanie and bill out to olive garden. i of corse said yes. so we get there and our waiter comes over and is absolutely gorgeous. just a really cute guy. so he takes out drink order and right when he leaves melanie says "wow you two. your mouths must be watering." lee turned red and i burst out laughing. lees mom shot a dirty look at melanie. pretty good dinner.

next day, or this morning, i left early so i could say goodbye to my dad before he left for some conference in washington.

so yeah pretty nice trip to lees. i really do love him. fuck aaron. he missed out.


  1. good on ya dude, happy for ya.

  2. Hahahaha...that's all so amazing!! :D

  3. lol that was funny and his sister is cool too lol

  4. this is awesome. and from what you said in the final line, this was for sure a sign that you belong with lee. :)

  5. yay! sounds like a nice weekend. I love Lee's parents. I want them on a time share or something.