Thursday, June 24, 2010

well i did it

i got a twitter. i said to myself "why not?"

So those of u that have a twitter, follow me. im hilarious.

so yesterday i was really horny, so i called up lee. he came over and he ended up staying the night. Lets just say i rocked his world. it was my very first booty call :P

ok so thats it. keep on keepin' on


  1. Booty calls are soo fun! Enjoy your time in tweetsville!

    Oh, and your Lee sounds like a very lucky boy! ;p

  2. Congrats! :P

    I already am. (: <3

  3. dude, good for you! i still don't get how your parents haven't guessed yet though! haha

  4. I thought you were going to say you finally took a cock up your ass :-P

    Well... congrats on getting a twitter... I guess...

  5. well you did say he's on your bed when we chat, so it wasn't abit of a surprise at all what happens next :X might wanna soundproof your room sometime soon haha :P

  6. The 'rents figure anything out yet?