Saturday, July 11, 2009


so im not gonna do the answer post. it seems there was a lack of interest from all my readers. And it got me thinking. do people even like me? idk im just thinking a lot lately.

ill post the aaron story soon. hopefully by monday.


  1. of course people like you...dont over think silly :P


  2. Dan people love you! I love you! No one loves question posts anymore though! Everyone is out of questions or they are too lazy to make them or whatever.

    And I wanna talk to you cause I miss you and so you'd better be on the next time I'm on you whore!

    I tried to get questions once. It backfired completely, I didn't get a single one. Always remember, as uncool as you get, I'll always be one rung lower :D

  3. I like you...

    The only reason I didnt ask any questions is because I as you everything i wanna know when we talk on MSN sily :-P

    Love ya...


  4. I really like your blog! I don't know a lot about you -- which is why I asked questions? I imagine that since there has been a ton of question/answer posts recently maybe it was just bad timing. But I like the blog alot, I just wish I understood better. I know you're busy, but I always feel like I'm watching the 'trailers' for really good blog posts. But its ok.

    Much Love,

  5. Dan

    People are lazy what can i say but i tried :( you dont have to answer them if you dont want too.

    take care and be safe


  6. Naww I like you, I just suck at coming up with questions lol.

    *big hugs* :)

  7. I suppose I could have a set of questions ready to paste in whenever someone asks for questions, but so far, I don't. Whether I ask any is a function of several things, including, but not limited to, how busy I feel at the time, how new the blogger is, how connected I feel to the blogger, and whether anything comes to mind at the moment.

    For the longest time, I was afraid that people didn't like me, and I was constantly feeling rejection in the events of my life. Finally, around age 50, I went into group therapy; and I came to realize that the rejection I felt was a program that was running in my mind (back then we called it a tape that was playing lol), and gradually I was able to stop listening to it most of the time.

    So hang in there, and try to see the affirmation that is there. You've got a bunch of followers. We may not comment all the time, but we wouldn't be following if we weren't interested in you and what you have to say.


  8. Well, I don't really frequent your blog much (however this Aaron thing has got me interested), but I saw a lot of questions on your last post. More than I got on my questions posts. So, don't think people don't like you just because of that last post.

  9. I like you Dan. Your blog has inspired me to do a lot, one of which to start my own blog. I think I can speak on behalf of everyone that you are loved by all of us, no matter what.


  10. people like you! but you have to like yourself too!