Sunday, July 19, 2009

feeling good

after i posted my last post, ive felt amazing. i feel like a new person. it crazy how writing shit down and sharing it can help. i havent felt this good in a long time.

So i got back from my friends cabin yesterday. had a lot of fun. But im really glad to be home. Aarons on vacation for a week which kinda sucks, but it'll be fine. I was thinking about it earlier and like, i dont know how i feel about him anymore. Like i know i still love him and all, but i dont think im still 'in' love with him. Like, i dont feel the same way about him. i feel more like a friend than anything else, which is weird. For the past 4 years ive considered him to basically my boyfriend. Idk, its different.

before i go, i just wanted to apologize to mirrorboy for personal reasons. babe, im really sorry and i love u.

ok thats it for now.


  1. Glad to see you doing better! It's amazing how much putting pen to paper, so to speak, can help sometimes.

  2. Dan

    happy to see you feeling better and im sure mboy will forgive he has a big heart, Now think about answering some of those questions i sent you lol

    take care and be safe


  3. Good to see your feeling so good, and its always good to have some fun =D


  4. don't ever bottle up your feelings. Quite possibly one of the best advice I ever got from Television shows....


  5. I second Bob's call to answer questions :-)

    I know I've said it a thousand times now so I will stop but every time you talk about Aaron-- it just rings like a memory in my head... I sit here nodding my head to my monitor--- going 'yep', I feel the same way. So sorry to keep echoing myself-- but I cna't help it. It wont be the last I imagine :-)


  6. Amazing how expressing something openly can allow us to feel differently about it than when we kept it bottled up.