Thursday, July 23, 2009

new toy

haha so my dad comes home from work the other day and he calls me up to the kitchen. so i go in and hes there holding an ipod touch. so im like "where did u get this?" and hes like "dont worry about it, its yours" so im like hell yea. so its all scratched on the back and had like 1000 songs on it, and i think my dad stole it, but hey, ill take it. i love it. its awesome. hahaha

so ive come to understand that the whole aaron thing kinda alienated me from some of my best online friends. ANd i really didnt want that to happen. i feel bad about it and i just want to apologize. You guys know who u are. love u lots.

oh and boys. 2 boys. omg they were soooo cute. the first one i saw near borders book store. he was wearing those big sunglasses and he had on tight jeans. he was like not emo. not sure what its called. ska maybe? any way, i saw him while i was driving to the store, then i saw him again while i was leaving. oooommmmgggg. he was soooo cute. i was so close to just jumping his bones. the second boy was earlier tonight. at my friends soccer game, he was on the other team. omg he was gorgeous. and at the end of the game, he took his shirt off and he had tatoos on his back. god fucking damnit i wanted a piece of that. haha. o man.

ok so yea thats it. o and i guess ill bring back my past crush thing. idk im still thinking about it.


  1. Or you could do the question/answers? Cool that you got the ipod touch.

    Hope you have a good day


  2. Yay ipod touch :D I have one of those too

    Well I haven't talked to you much on msn, but I still think you are an awesome person :)


  3. Well it said there was a new post with questions/answers...but it seems to have disappeared...?