Saturday, July 25, 2009


ok heres the answers to the questions you guys asked. enjoy

1. What color eyes ands hair do you have?
brown eyes and brown hair

2. What is your height and weight?
im 6 feet tall and weigh 165

3. how would you describe your skin color?
white but ive got a good tan going

4. Do you have any identifying marks on you?

5. Do you have any other scars and would you share how you got them?
i have a few. one on my left elbow from tackling drills at football practice. one on my ankle from my bike. and one long ass scar on my right leg from running into a friends deck while playing football.

6. Is your six pack visible to others?
its a 4 pack and yes, visible. but not like, way visible.

7. What do others think is your best physical aspect?
my humor?

8. What do you think your best physical aspect is?
my hair (mboy thinks so)

9. Do you have dimples, if so how many?

10. Do you have freckles?
a few on my face. barely visible.

11. How is your tan line looking?
not bad. i dont take my shirt off very often but you know....idk.....its ok

12. Ever been out of the country? nope

13. In the next ten years what do you want to have? boyfriend or marriage or something

14. What is your favorite thing to do with Aaron and why? just be alone with him. we could do anything but if its just the two of us, i love it

15. Who at school would Dan give up Aaron to date if he could date any boy at school and why?this boy ryan. omg hes gorgeous. and a smokin body. sweet jesus.

16. What does Dan want to do when he grows up? not really sure yet

17. what does Dan want to study at college? history

18. What thing or activity, do you enjoying doing or participating more than anything else in your
life? playing football and basketball with friends

19. What is your favorite band, and why? steely dan. i just love them.

20. What is your favorite cd or record, and why? id have to say rumors by fleetwood mac

21. What song do you sing in the shower? whatevers on the brain

22. What is your favorite food? maybe shrimp. or steak. or ribs. hmmm

23. What is your favorite ice cream? Vanilla

24. Who is your favorite actor? morgan freeman

25. Who is the cutest actor? mitch hewer. hands down

26. Been skinny dipping?; yes. a long time ago

27. Best place been to in life and why?; tampa florida. just cause.

28. Worst place you have been to in life and why?;
ummm nowhere...

29. Place you want to visit and why?;
tampa florida

30. Worst experience you have had in life?;
what recently happened with aaron

31. Best experience you have had in life?;
no idea

32. What was the worst Dan has been drunk before?
not bad really.

33. Has Dan ever been arrested?

34. What is your favorite type of clothes you like to wear?
ones that look good

35. Do you prefer to wear boxer, briefs or do you go commando? boxers

36. Favorite item of clothing you own and why? the shirt aaron got me

37. What clothing do you sleep or in, if any? shorts and a tshirt

38. Book you want to read that you haven’t yet?
not a big reader...

39. Favorite movie you have seen? the shawshank redemption

40. Movie you want to see that you haven’t yet? ummm midnight cowboy

41. Favorite video game you have played? condemned

42. What is your most prized possession and why? this letter aaron wrote me. it says i love u

43. Do you have a middle name? yes

44. Has Dan broken any bones never

45. Does Dan have a nickname? nope

46. What sports does Dan like? football, basketball, and hocky

47. I know you played football but what other sports did Dan play in high school? only football

48. What is the worst thing Dan has done to anyone else in his life in Dan’s opinion? punched someone in the balls......really hard....

49. Who was the first blogger you emailed? well ive been emailing matt long before we were both bloggers, but the first actual blogger would have to be mirrorboy

50. Who was the first blogger to email you after you began blogging? mirrorboy

51. Who was the first blogger you contacted on MSN? mirrorboy

52. What has been the best thing about blogging for you? making friends and like being able to talk about shit

53. Do you like sunsets or sunrises better and why? sunsets just cause. more romantic

54. Do you like staring at the stars at night and why? yes its very relaxing

55. Name two qualities of character you admire in others? kindness and ambition

56. I have read you don’t believe in God and I believe that is a reasonable belief to hold though not one I share, would you like to explain why it is you believe God doesn’t exist? if there is a god, a caring and forgiving god, then we have to figure hes done an extraordinary job of making a very cruel world. The world is fucked up, and what does god do? nothing, cause hes not real. like billy joel once said, "id rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints, the sinners are much more fun."

57. What do you want your readers to understand about you from your blog? that im a normal kid who just happens to be gay. something like that. and that im nice. and cute. haha

58. Would you like to adopt children in the future? i want a kid, but i dont want to adopt. it needs to be mine. but that probably wont happen.

59. Height/weight? 6 feet tall and i weigh 165 lbs

60. Best Physical Attribute / Worst Physical attribute? ive been told i have nice hair, and i really dont like my thighs. haha not sure why.

61. Most important physical thing about someone you're interested in? shit thats hard. i guess face. they gotta have a good looking face.

62. Most important non-physical thing about someone...? sense of humor is important to me.

63. Biggest regret in the last few years? i have 2. quitting football, and recording aaron in the shower.

64. Biggest accomplishment in the last few years? um graduating high school

65. What do you want to do in college? GET A BOYFRIEND!!!!

66. Can i play with your hair??(asked by mirrorboy) yes, yes u can

67. Will you marry me? :D(asked by mirrorboy) yes, but only if u play with my hair =)

68. Are you an innie or an outie? innie

69. If you could only bring one thing to a deserted island what would it be?
a knife

70. Who is your current celebrity crush?
Mitch Hewer. its been him for a loooonnnnggg time.

71. If you had to be an animal what would you be?
ummmm a lion. id be the king.

72. If you had to be an inanimate object what would you be?
um a tv i guess lol

73. Speaking of animals, pets? Got em? What kind? Names? Breeds? etc etc.
ive got a dog. hes a teacup poodle and his name is max

74. Why don't you have a job you lazy bum?
because im a lazy bum

75. Favorite party activity?
beer pong ftw!

76. Favorite holiday?
christmas hands down

77. Favorite Sports Team ;)
the tampa bay buccaneers. i live and die by that team.

78. Favorite person ;)
well since matt is asking, ill say.....matt

okay, dirty questions.

79. Biggest thing you've had up your ass? :D a banana. felt good after a while. not great, but good.

80. What do you think about while you're jerking off? :D
aaron. im trying to stop but he just pops in.

81. What's the weirdest fantasy you've had that you can think of? :D um nothing to weird. strip poker that turns into a blowjob party haha

82. Most important thing you'd look for in a boyfriend? :)
hes gotta be the all around perfect boy. Aaron is, but i cant have him. i hope i can find one even half as good as him.

83. Fetishes? :D
i have a thing for feet and legs. nothin crazy, i just like the way they look when they're perfect.

84. What do you wear to bed (or not wear :D)? :D
tshirt and shorts

85. What position do you sleep in? :D
on my tummy but like my knee is out to the side.

86. What do you do in the shower? :D
clean myself :D

87. Would you rather suck or be sucked? :D
i think im 50/50

88. cock size? 7 inches

89. top, bottom, or vers? top, but maybe once in a while i could bottom.

90. cut/uncut? cut

91. most # of times wanked in a day 7

92. most purvy thing you've done and been caught? recording my best friend showering.

ok thats it. hope u liked it. i hope this gets me more than 2 comments, cause 2 comments sucks.


  1. Nice answers cutie. :)

    Unfortunately the post time you set this to is days before you actually finished it, so it won't appear at the top of your blog, unless you go change the post time to now. :P

    It's funny how the most important thing you look for in a boyfriend is perfectness. lol. Very few people are perfect. :P

    Also, thanks for letting me play with your hair. *goes hard. blush*

    love u babe

    you're awesome. :)

    be happy damnit :P

  2. It's ok, cos when you fall in love you think he's perfect anyway.
    Then when you realise he's not, he's your boyfriend and you love him so it doesn't matter.

  3. yeah man, im with mboy. be happy! if i can, you can :)

    i do miss talking to you...idk it sucks.

    Liked reading the answers :) I think we are very...compatible ;)

    id do you :P


  4. Woo-Hoo here's another comment :-)

    Sounds like you're in a good mood...
    Liked reading your answers.
    I'm jealous now that Mirrorboy gets to play with your hair and the rest of us don't :-(
    But it's your hair... I just have this thing about hair...

    Keep well

  5. Yayyy I love your answers :D

    I completely agree with your views on #56. If god exists and allows the world to be like it is, then it's a god that should be rebelled against and overthrown anyway :)


  6. well... now you have 6 comments :-P

  7. Good work finishing a bunch of questions. I usually give up like 10 questions in. :/

  8. *jealous of mirrorboy*

    THanks! I loved the answers--

    Much Love,

  9. Hey sexy, I agree with Billy, The kid I was talking about that I loved extremely passionately for 2.5 years, which at the time I changed school, the passionate love slowly leaked, but I still have that eternal place in my heart for him... well I met up with him again after a few years, and could notice many faults in him I never recognised before. (But of course I still want him in every way :P)

    and I wont put my opinion of religion in... it will take up the rest of the page and come out as a 5000 word essay :P (atheist point of view of course, but religion is too complex to explain the faults of in any less words).

    until next time our MSN accounts read 'online' simultaneously... Hayden.