Wednesday, September 9, 2009

cute boy central

so yea no worries. im still gay. and boy have i been seeing the cute ones. damn.

so yea classes started today. i had math. easy as shit. i hate math a lot and im bad at it, but i took an easy class and it seems like its going to be pretty good. nothin good looking in there tho. But i was taking a shower, and i hadnt jacked off in like 3 days, so i was trying really hard to. but i couldnt. i was using everything in my imagination. i had 3 different fantasies where i fucked the shit out of tyler, but nothing worked. so i went to my reserve fantasies, my ones with aaron just to see if it would work, and within 20 seconds i was done. its like, just the idea of us having sex drives me wild. not sure if thats a good thing.

ive also been thinking about when i should tell everyone up here im gay. its like im coming out all over again. idk, ill have to think about it.


  1. Hmm well having sex with a guy and getting caught is a bad idea lol

    Seriously though don't rush it and just take your time

  2. Do you have a lot of friends up there with you or is this new territory? How are classes? Are these showers the communal ones? I kind of loved/hated those...

    Yea- I know what you mean about 'reserve fantasies'. I try not to go there nowadays...reminds me of past crushes that just aren't possible.

    How is Aaron? Have you talked to him?

    Much Love,