Wednesday, September 23, 2009

no time

its so hard to find time to make a post. im so busy, and theres always people in my dorm room. I was lucky to be free this time.

anyway, ive been thinking a lot about aaron the last few days. and I dont miss him, im just daydreaming about me fucking the shit out of him. and it always gets me 'aroused'. Hes the fantasy that can make me cum faster than anything else in the world. its nuts. there will be times when i just cant jerk off, and then ill think of him and boom, im done.

and the boy from the lunch room. he was sitting really close to some blond girl and they got up and left in a hurry. fuck him.

ok thats it for now. i have class in 20 mins so i g2g. thanks for all the awesome comments on my last post. My 100th is comin up soon!


  1. Thanks for the interesting masturbation fact. lol


  2. Woo Hoo! can't wait for the 100th post-- your are obligated to make it 'something special'.

    I had my 'best of' fantasies for a long time... all with straight guys, which would never happen :-)

    Ok- so with all those people in your room, where and how do you find the time / place to wank? I have some embarrassing stories about this.

    Much Love,

  3. Dan

    It is always nice to have someone like aaron to help things along :P

    Hope school is going well, take care and be safe