Wednesday, September 2, 2009


so im here at college. all un packed and everything. apparently, me and my friend/room mate were not told that we have a quad, which is a room with 4 people, not just 2. So at first we were like, wtf, but after meeting our room mates, we couldnt be happier. they're awesome. another interesting fact, our dorm is the arts and sciences dorm, meaning there are a lot gays. haha. so yea. i did see this really cute boy at the food court place. i was pleased.

ok quick update for ya. bye


  1. lol sounds like you it wont be that bad seeing as you can look at the hot gay guys

    Well good luck in college

  2. I've never lived in a quad, I hope you enjoy it.

    Have fun at college :)


  3. Dan

    College sounds like a good place so far dont forgot aboiut going to some clases lol

    take care and be safe


  4. AWESOME! We need more descriptions and pictures of the cute guys :-)

    Much Love,