Sunday, September 20, 2009


Wow. has it really been a week?

Yeah, a week sounds right. Ive been CRAZY busy with college and shit. Classes during the week, party's during the weekend. its a busy life. I finally have some time today to post tho. So get ready for a long read.

Classes are pretty good. I have a really easy math class, and two pretty good history classes. My major is history, because i just love all that cool shit about how the world became what it is today. i especially like american history because America is just kick ass. haha im very patriotic. I also have this awesome history of rock and roll music class. its pretty kick ass. Rock and roll music is my favorite.

I live in a pretty sweet dorm. I live in a quad, which is 4 people, me and my room mate in one room, and my 2 other room mates in another room, and then one big ass living room. its pretty sweet. and my room mates are all kick ass. My dorm is the dorm where most of the fine arts people live, which means all the theater and musical performance kids. So lots and lots of gays. some pretty good looking ones too. My RA(resident advisor, every floor has one) is really cute too. hes not gay, but hes cute none the less.

im still in the closet here at college. not sure when im gonna come out. right now i just wanna get fully adjusted to life here first. ive only been here 3 weeks. maybe in a little while. i did talk to one of my friends from back home who does know im gay last night. we like talked about it for the first time since i told everyone. it was kinda weird but it felt good to talk to someone.

also went to the football game yesterday. it was bad ass. we won. a lot of douche bags all around me tho. but also a lot of cuties.

ok story time. I was in my rock and roll history class and i was early, so i picked a pretty awesome seat with like this brick wall behind it so i could lean back. so im sitting there, and this really cute boy comes and sits next to me. it was weird because its a big ass class and there were like 200 seats left. so he starts talking to me, about the class and how he just joined and if he missed anything last week. It was pretty awesome, because he had this look to him. he wasnt that tall, he had semi long blond hair, and he had a black lip ring. he was like a cross between surfer boy and emo. totally hot. it got me thinking. how does he make out with someone if hes got that lip ring in? anyway, next time i went to class, he was nowhere to be seen. he vanished.

Also, theres this boy, who i always see at lunch. hes almost always sitting alone. hes one of those quite kids. he wheres like a nice jacket and one of those backpacks that have one strap and they hang to one side. anyway, hes really cute. i wanna invite him over to eat with us one day, but it would be awkward and weird.

Well i think thats it. sorry about the long absence. ill post more often, promise. Also, my 100th post is coming up soon. any ideas on what i should do? ill probably end up doing what everyone does, the 100 facts about me. but if someone suggests something better, i might do that instead.

ok ive got some homework to do. later.


  1. So if I take one thing from this post its that college 'kicks ass'! :-) I'm so glad for you. I never lived in a quad at my college. I always lived in a suite...which was half of a quad. We had a smaller living area, and then one room with two beds. If your roommates are cool, then the quad is nice. I wish that i would've stayed in the dorms more than i did. And that's awesome that its all fine arts guys. I'm sure there is a much smaller douche bag ratio in a fine arts dorm.

    Take your time with 'coming out' at college. I just joined the glbt student group, and got to meet a lot of people through that.

    Good luck on your homework. And yea 100 facts about you is probably the standard-- but think hard-- you've already done a q&a post, and we expect new info, mister :-)

    Much Love,

  2. Well, as for coming out in college, it took me a year to do it. Don't wait that long. That's precious time away from finding someone.

    What are you doing in the fine arts dorm anyway? Haha I'd fit right in there, gabbin' about musicals and theater and art and music all day long.

    I find people are really random sometimes in college. I once was eating lunch when some guy just comes up and starts talking to me, never saw him again after that.

    And as for the boy sitting alone at lunch, be the random guy that goes and sits by him. Trust me, the guy sitting alone is probably like me and just waiting for someone to reach out to him. So blow off your friends for one day to go eat with this boy.

    Hope you're keeping up on the work.

  3. Sounds like things are going well. As for the "coming out" thing, my suggestion is that don't make a big deal about it, and certainly don't stress about it. Just be cool.

  4. I've been wondering how college was going for you sounds like you are really enjoying it which is cool.

    Doesn't matter when you come out so as long you do it b/c you want to rather then have too.

    Sit with the kid, I was like that and just wished someone would come over and sit down and talk to me b/c it really did get lonely

  5. my friends roommate just came out, not in a flashy way, but just told his friends and the ppl on his floor that he hangs out with. everyone is totally cool with it and actually, most ppl seem to have more respect for him now cuz they realize its a hard thing to do.

    just something I thought u might like to know.

    Glad to hear things are going good, talk to you eventually.


  6. Lmao have you noticed you use 'ass' as an adjective?

    "America is just kick ass"
    "its pretty kick ass"
    "one big ass living room"
    "room mates are all kick ass"
    "it was bad ass"
    "because its a big ass class"

    I think you have a thing for asses. Makes sense cos you are a top.


    Trust you to immediately think about something sexual when a boy simply sits next to you. :P

    I'm so happy to hear that things are going good for you. Talk soon. :)

    PS. 100th post. Post pics of your hair!! lol >.>


  7. I second a call for pics of hair - since Mboy seems to be orgasmic (drooling was the word, I believe) over your hair- I trust his judgement...

    And I'm stealing this smiley --> ^_^

    It's cute :p

  8. College in the US seems so much better than here in Aus. Mine's boring and everyone just goes and leaves....your lucky as!
    Goodluck with it all man!