Monday, September 28, 2009


I'm in my history class right now. I'm bored out of my skull. We don't do shit in this fuck class. I'm really starting to rethink my major here also. History is starting to seem more and more pointless. Whatevs.

I was reading something online yesterday about jerking off. It said that people who jerk off a lot are so in love with themselves that they don't make relationships with others. I think I might fall into that catagory.

Haha I'm making funny faces at people. They must think I'm crazy. Fuck em haha. My tummy hurts. I wish I didn't eat that sausage for breakfast.

This class has no cute boys in it. It sucks. I have nothing to stare at.

Jesus fuck Christ in bored as shit. My I pod has this auto spell check thing that makes sure I capitalize words that should be capitalized. Normally I wouldn't be this gramatically correct. Capitalizing Jesus and Christ? Not something I'd do.

It finally rained yesterday. It had been like a month. It was very welcome. It's actually raining right now.

I had such a huge boner this morning. It was throbbing. I waited till I was alone and then I jerked it. It felt so good.

OMG class just got let out. That never happens. Class ends at 950 and he let us out at 930. That's unbelievable. Now what am I suppose to do. I have a class at 1000 and it's literaly right next door. I have half an hour to burn. I'll just go to my other class.

Well I got to my other class and it was just me and this girl. She asked to see my notes from Friday and of course i said yes. I like to maintain a level of kindness.

Alright that's it I'm done. Hope u enjoyed this extremely random post. I'm closing in on 100!


  1. haha i've had many days like that in college. I think no matter what the major is you'll get classes like that. Find out which teachers actually grab your attention and try to take as many classes with them as you can.

    Hope everything is going alright with you though. miss talking to you

  2. Yes, very, very random. :P

    Is it wrong that the 7th paragraph turned me on? :S lol

    love <3

  3. I wouldn't have thought 2x of that 7 paragraph until someone said something, now I feel horney

    whew that was random ok then don't go crazy bye

  4. lol

    This: "We don't do shit in this fuck class" made me think of how cool it would be to have a 'fuck class' although hopefully there would really be any 'shit' involved, because that would just be nasty.

    And, oh yea, sausage in the morning never turns out well for me.

    That's what I took from this, oh and that you masturbated and it was hot.

    P.S. my word verif is 'karking' which sounds like a sex act, right?

    Much Love,