Saturday, September 5, 2009

home for the weekend

so im back home for the weekend. its weird because it doesnt really feel like my home anymore, cause all my stuffs away at college.

so last week was just did a bunch of stupid 'getting to know people your rarely going to see' activities. didnt really go to a lot of it. did go to some parties and had some fun there. but ive noticed something. i dont really feel gay anymore. like, i didnt jack off once while i was gone. and all the guys i see i dont really think much about them at all. but the girls are catching my eye. its really weird. also, im having a hard time understanding my appetite. like im never hungry or stuffed, but i can always eat. and while im eating, i cant tell when im full. idk. who knows. i walked around and found all my classes. they're all pretty close so thats good. ummmm saw some other people from my highschool and talked with them. yea overall its been pretty fun. i hope classes arnt really gay.

and sorry about my last few posts. they kinda have been pretty bad lately. ill try to spruce them up a bit.

ok im off. ill be on msn tonight if anyone wants to talk. later


  1. Damnit... I fucked that one up. Sorry.

  2. Hmm... that is interesting. Well- in fairness there are a lot of changes going on, and this affects you emotionally and everything. So appetite, sexual drive, etc. I wouldn't really be all that concerned that they are different at the moment.

    The first classes for me were nerve-wracking just getting there on time, etc. The whole thing is a lot of change. Good Luck!!

    I can't wait to hear how it all goes.


  3. Like Steve said, you've just been thrown into an entirely new and alien environment, and that's gonna fuck with your head.

    Oh, and I'm fairly jacking off is not something only gay boys do.