Sunday, December 20, 2009

dont be mad...

im not closing my blog. It was a combination of me wanting to see how people reacted, and to see what it was like to feel free from the whole thing. And let me tell ya, not having to really worry about my blog felt good. but i missed it.

And to the 3 people who sent me emails, thank you a lot. And thanks to all the comments, i was really considering shutting this down. Now im not. Someone close to me told me that they think ive recently been writing for the wrong reasons, and i agree. i need to go back to my normal writing. i dont really know what that is, but ill figure it out.

As for the future, im not gonna be shutting this blog down any time soon. and when i do, ill be sure to tell u why. im not gonna leave u hanging.


  1. I'm not mad. I was just worried something awful had happened, and I'm very relieved to see that was not the case.


  2. You really scared me there

  3. Wow I totally missed the one on Friday! Sorry- I would've told you how much i love your blog and dont want you to leave.

    definitely blog for whatever reasons you need to blog-- dont worry about expectations or trying to be interesting. i.e. dont blog for the readers-- blog for you *cheesy music cue*

    its supposed to be therapeutic you know :-)

    so I'm glad you're not leaving!! And maybe ill spot you on msn one day...


  4. I'm glad you're not leaving too. You're blog is a good read and i think a lot of people resonate with what you're going through. You're a great guy and hope you're doing well

  5. A bit melodramatic O_o

    Welcome back however.

  6. You suck... Lol

    you had me all worried you asshole...

    Glad you are sticking around... Was very sad when you said you were leaving...

    Love ya


  7. Yes as a matter of fact I am mad at you but I can't stay mad at you because I've had the same thoughts too but then I thought about how lonely I would be so I decide not too

    Anyway the point is I still stand by what I said before I do hope you succeed in whatever you do

  8. Smart arse. You did make us all worry! I am glad you're back though. :) Lots of love!

  9. A very special and happy holiday season to you!!