Wednesday, December 30, 2009

future of blogland

Thanks to all the wonderful comments. They all made a lot of sense. Hopefully ill man up and
do something about the overlapping thing soon. idk. life is hard.

So after i read Mirrorboys post about how his life in blogland is coming to an end, it got me thinking. Who's gonna take over as king of blog world? I mean, thats a huge responsibility. I think mirrorboy should appoint some one. or maybe blogworld can just exist without a king. Is mirrorboy even king? idk what im saying. One things certain tho. When morrorboy leaves, it will be a sad, sad day.

So i was surfing the web and i cam across some pictures. U know whos looking hot?.....

cole sprouse. hes looking yummy.

so steve, im tired of missing you on msn, so pick a day when you know you can talk, and ill be on. SOund good?


  1. Never thought I would say he is cute but yeah he is

  2. What about missing me on msn... What am I? Chopped liver? Lol

    and yeah... It will be a very sad day.

    and yeah... Those are hot pics.... lol

    miss you.


  3. You have fine taste in guys mate..., that cannot be denied.

    I don't know..., is MBoy king? I thought we all just ran round, leaderless...

    Oh well..., hope everything settles back to good and lovely in your world.


  4. From what I've read, you could take over Blogland just posting a pic of your hair. :P

  5. I feel old now, thanks. Who the Hell is Cole Sprouse?

  6. lol-- i hope mboy doesn't ever leave. I dont see whats wrong with just less frequent posts. Maybe he wants to close this chapter in his life or something... that would really make sense, but maybe he should just make a new account then. idk either-- but i do think of Mboy as king of blogland ;-)

    WOW I cannot believe that those pics are of cole sprouse! How old is he now?? (*goes to goolge*) i knew of him but haven't seen him since he umm matured i guess... he still is a bit young, but yea he will be damn hot in maybe another year or so ;-)

    lol- i will try to be on soon...sorry sorry sorry i just dont spend a lot of time on my comp at home besides reading some of these blogs. And AJ is right-- he is surely more entertaining to talk to than me ;-) Actually ive never talked to AJ either...


  7. I agree with you on both counts- mboy leaving will be sad, and cole sprouse is very attractive ;D