Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bored in class

Things are different this week. Weird kid to my left talked tome today. Something about him being sick and missing all of last week. Too bad for him, he missed some important shit. Looks like the chubby kid in the front got a haircut. Makes his face look more fat. Kid directly behind him looks high. Probably smoked to make this class more bareable. Kid a few rows in front of me is named Tyler. He's probably gay. Almost every Tyler I know is gay. Just noticed the kid to my left has an ear ring. He's got a dumb face. Probably doesn't know a lot. The girl behind him looks more dressed up today. Normally it looks like she just woke up, but today it looks like she spent a while making herself look better. Probably for a boy.

Ok well I'll update u on my thanksgiving break soon.


  1. You need to stop getting bored you seem to always have the strangest and funniest post every once in a while

  2. Lol- what a fun game---you should've taken a pic with your cell so we could see what you were talking about :-)

  3. No doodles this time. :(
    Funny post though. Looking forward to your Thanksgiving updates. :)

    My captcha is "sadnes".

  4. Amazing, i love this post. I like your humour.