Friday, July 31, 2009


so today is Matts Birthday!!!!! yayayayayaya happy birthday. The big 19. so heres a little something for ya.

haha get it? cause your 19? pretty lame i know. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

heres a cute boy too

we've known eachother for a long time now, and i really do consider u one of my best friends. If it wernt for u, i have no idea what mess id be in right now. id probably be some whore somewhere on the streets. haha. but seriously, thanks for all you do for me. love u lots.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


so i saw aaron for the first time since he got back yesterday. we was gone for a week and got back sunday, but was busy until yesterday. he came over and we went out to get some food. it was nice and i had a lot of fun.  At one point, my phone rang and the ringtone was a kelly clarkson song, and he was like, "wow, u really are gay"  which caused us to start laughing.  i dont like kelly clarkson, its just what my friend wanted to ring whenever he called me.

But toward the end of last week, when he had been gone for like 5 days, it started to get really hard. i started really missing him. it was really tough. and it got me really worried about college. am i gonna make it? i know its gonna be really really hard, and im worried.

also, not sure if anyones heard of it, but when u drive over railroad tracks, if u put your legs and feet in the air and make a wish, it comes true. So like 3 days ago, for the first time in 4 years, i didnt make a wish. i didnt wish for aaron to fall in love with me. its nuts to think about. for 4 years, ive been wishing for him to fall in love with me. its crazy.

well whatevs. i need to mow the lawn. bye.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


ok heres the answers to the questions you guys asked. enjoy

1. What color eyes ands hair do you have?
brown eyes and brown hair

2. What is your height and weight?
im 6 feet tall and weigh 165

3. how would you describe your skin color?
white but ive got a good tan going

4. Do you have any identifying marks on you?

5. Do you have any other scars and would you share how you got them?
i have a few. one on my left elbow from tackling drills at football practice. one on my ankle from my bike. and one long ass scar on my right leg from running into a friends deck while playing football.

6. Is your six pack visible to others?
its a 4 pack and yes, visible. but not like, way visible.

7. What do others think is your best physical aspect?
my humor?

8. What do you think your best physical aspect is?
my hair (mboy thinks so)

9. Do you have dimples, if so how many?

10. Do you have freckles?
a few on my face. barely visible.

11. How is your tan line looking?
not bad. i dont take my shirt off very often but you know....idk.....its ok

12. Ever been out of the country? nope

13. In the next ten years what do you want to have? boyfriend or marriage or something

14. What is your favorite thing to do with Aaron and why? just be alone with him. we could do anything but if its just the two of us, i love it

15. Who at school would Dan give up Aaron to date if he could date any boy at school and why?this boy ryan. omg hes gorgeous. and a smokin body. sweet jesus.

16. What does Dan want to do when he grows up? not really sure yet

17. what does Dan want to study at college? history

18. What thing or activity, do you enjoying doing or participating more than anything else in your
life? playing football and basketball with friends

19. What is your favorite band, and why? steely dan. i just love them.

20. What is your favorite cd or record, and why? id have to say rumors by fleetwood mac

21. What song do you sing in the shower? whatevers on the brain

22. What is your favorite food? maybe shrimp. or steak. or ribs. hmmm

23. What is your favorite ice cream? Vanilla

24. Who is your favorite actor? morgan freeman

25. Who is the cutest actor? mitch hewer. hands down

26. Been skinny dipping?; yes. a long time ago

27. Best place been to in life and why?; tampa florida. just cause.

28. Worst place you have been to in life and why?;
ummm nowhere...

29. Place you want to visit and why?;
tampa florida

30. Worst experience you have had in life?;
what recently happened with aaron

31. Best experience you have had in life?;
no idea

32. What was the worst Dan has been drunk before?
not bad really.

33. Has Dan ever been arrested?

34. What is your favorite type of clothes you like to wear?
ones that look good

35. Do you prefer to wear boxer, briefs or do you go commando? boxers

36. Favorite item of clothing you own and why? the shirt aaron got me

37. What clothing do you sleep or in, if any? shorts and a tshirt

38. Book you want to read that you haven’t yet?
not a big reader...

39. Favorite movie you have seen? the shawshank redemption

40. Movie you want to see that you haven’t yet? ummm midnight cowboy

41. Favorite video game you have played? condemned

42. What is your most prized possession and why? this letter aaron wrote me. it says i love u

43. Do you have a middle name? yes

44. Has Dan broken any bones never

45. Does Dan have a nickname? nope

46. What sports does Dan like? football, basketball, and hocky

47. I know you played football but what other sports did Dan play in high school? only football

48. What is the worst thing Dan has done to anyone else in his life in Dan’s opinion? punched someone in the balls......really hard....

49. Who was the first blogger you emailed? well ive been emailing matt long before we were both bloggers, but the first actual blogger would have to be mirrorboy

50. Who was the first blogger to email you after you began blogging? mirrorboy

51. Who was the first blogger you contacted on MSN? mirrorboy

52. What has been the best thing about blogging for you? making friends and like being able to talk about shit

53. Do you like sunsets or sunrises better and why? sunsets just cause. more romantic

54. Do you like staring at the stars at night and why? yes its very relaxing

55. Name two qualities of character you admire in others? kindness and ambition

56. I have read you don’t believe in God and I believe that is a reasonable belief to hold though not one I share, would you like to explain why it is you believe God doesn’t exist? if there is a god, a caring and forgiving god, then we have to figure hes done an extraordinary job of making a very cruel world. The world is fucked up, and what does god do? nothing, cause hes not real. like billy joel once said, "id rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints, the sinners are much more fun."

57. What do you want your readers to understand about you from your blog? that im a normal kid who just happens to be gay. something like that. and that im nice. and cute. haha

58. Would you like to adopt children in the future? i want a kid, but i dont want to adopt. it needs to be mine. but that probably wont happen.

59. Height/weight? 6 feet tall and i weigh 165 lbs

60. Best Physical Attribute / Worst Physical attribute? ive been told i have nice hair, and i really dont like my thighs. haha not sure why.

61. Most important physical thing about someone you're interested in? shit thats hard. i guess face. they gotta have a good looking face.

62. Most important non-physical thing about someone...? sense of humor is important to me.

63. Biggest regret in the last few years? i have 2. quitting football, and recording aaron in the shower.

64. Biggest accomplishment in the last few years? um graduating high school

65. What do you want to do in college? GET A BOYFRIEND!!!!

66. Can i play with your hair??(asked by mirrorboy) yes, yes u can

67. Will you marry me? :D(asked by mirrorboy) yes, but only if u play with my hair =)

68. Are you an innie or an outie? innie

69. If you could only bring one thing to a deserted island what would it be?
a knife

70. Who is your current celebrity crush?
Mitch Hewer. its been him for a loooonnnnggg time.

71. If you had to be an animal what would you be?
ummmm a lion. id be the king.

72. If you had to be an inanimate object what would you be?
um a tv i guess lol

73. Speaking of animals, pets? Got em? What kind? Names? Breeds? etc etc.
ive got a dog. hes a teacup poodle and his name is max

74. Why don't you have a job you lazy bum?
because im a lazy bum

75. Favorite party activity?
beer pong ftw!

76. Favorite holiday?
christmas hands down

77. Favorite Sports Team ;)
the tampa bay buccaneers. i live and die by that team.

78. Favorite person ;)
well since matt is asking, ill say.....matt

okay, dirty questions.

79. Biggest thing you've had up your ass? :D a banana. felt good after a while. not great, but good.

80. What do you think about while you're jerking off? :D
aaron. im trying to stop but he just pops in.

81. What's the weirdest fantasy you've had that you can think of? :D um nothing to weird. strip poker that turns into a blowjob party haha

82. Most important thing you'd look for in a boyfriend? :)
hes gotta be the all around perfect boy. Aaron is, but i cant have him. i hope i can find one even half as good as him.

83. Fetishes? :D
i have a thing for feet and legs. nothin crazy, i just like the way they look when they're perfect.

84. What do you wear to bed (or not wear :D)? :D
tshirt and shorts

85. What position do you sleep in? :D
on my tummy but like my knee is out to the side.

86. What do you do in the shower? :D
clean myself :D

87. Would you rather suck or be sucked? :D
i think im 50/50

88. cock size? 7 inches

89. top, bottom, or vers? top, but maybe once in a while i could bottom.

90. cut/uncut? cut

91. most # of times wanked in a day 7

92. most purvy thing you've done and been caught? recording my best friend showering.

ok thats it. hope u liked it. i hope this gets me more than 2 comments, cause 2 comments sucks.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

new toy

haha so my dad comes home from work the other day and he calls me up to the kitchen. so i go in and hes there holding an ipod touch. so im like "where did u get this?" and hes like "dont worry about it, its yours" so im like hell yea. so its all scratched on the back and had like 1000 songs on it, and i think my dad stole it, but hey, ill take it. i love it. its awesome. hahaha

so ive come to understand that the whole aaron thing kinda alienated me from some of my best online friends. ANd i really didnt want that to happen. i feel bad about it and i just want to apologize. You guys know who u are. love u lots.

oh and boys. 2 boys. omg they were soooo cute. the first one i saw near borders book store. he was wearing those big sunglasses and he had on tight jeans. he was like not emo. not sure what its called. ska maybe? any way, i saw him while i was driving to the store, then i saw him again while i was leaving. oooommmmgggg. he was soooo cute. i was so close to just jumping his bones. the second boy was earlier tonight. at my friends soccer game, he was on the other team. omg he was gorgeous. and at the end of the game, he took his shirt off and he had tatoos on his back. god fucking damnit i wanted a piece of that. haha. o man.

ok so yea thats it. o and i guess ill bring back my past crush thing. idk im still thinking about it.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

feeling good

after i posted my last post, ive felt amazing. i feel like a new person. it crazy how writing shit down and sharing it can help. i havent felt this good in a long time.

So i got back from my friends cabin yesterday. had a lot of fun. But im really glad to be home. Aarons on vacation for a week which kinda sucks, but it'll be fine. I was thinking about it earlier and like, i dont know how i feel about him anymore. Like i know i still love him and all, but i dont think im still 'in' love with him. Like, i dont feel the same way about him. i feel more like a friend than anything else, which is weird. For the past 4 years ive considered him to basically my boyfriend. Idk, its different.

before i go, i just wanted to apologize to mirrorboy for personal reasons. babe, im really sorry and i love u.

ok thats it for now.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

the whole aaron story

ok so im feeling a bit better about things so i figure i might as well post the aaron story. And my followers have stopped growing, so i hope this will get some new ones. Plus, im going up north to my friends cabin for a few days, and if i write this now, the trip will help me forget about it. hope that makes sense.

Ok so Aaron asked me and two other friends if we wanted to go to this camp he and his family go to every summer. i of course said yes, and so did the other two friends. So the plan was that aaron would drive up in his car with one person and i would drive up in my car with one person. We did that because aaron was gonna stay the whole week and the other three of us were going to leave early.

So we left sunday morning, around 6. It was a nice drive, around 3 hours. It was nice case i love highway driving. i just feel idk, haha that sounds weird. anyway, we got there at around 9 and we hung out a bit. Aaron showed us around and when he was done with that it was noon and time for lunch. The food was really good. I had a hamburger. So after that we played softball for a little while. Then one of our friends, michael, wanted to go get his sailing badge thing so that he could take out any boat he wanted. so while he did that, aaron, my other friend john, and i, went kayaking. We had a lot of fun. Not to mention i got to see aaron in just a swim suit. So that took up a lot of time. then we had dinner, went back to the cabin and played some games, then went to bed.

Monday was a shitty day. It was all rainy. We went to breakfast and just relaxed the whole day. We did go into town which was like 5 miles from camp. Got some chinese food for lunch. Pretty boring day.

Tuesday was fun. Went to riflery and shot some targets. I did ok. got like a 60 somethin out of 100. Tuesday was also the day we were all going to leave, but i didnt want to. So i let michael and john take my car and i stayed with aaron. Aaron was happy to have me because he would have been bored. So they left in the afternoon and aaron and i just hung out till we went to bed.

wednesday was another shitty day. We didnt really do much. But later that night, we went into town and saw public enemies. We both liked it. So we got back to the cabin and we were gonna take a shower and go to bed. So i took my shower first and idk what came over me but i just thought that if i hid my phone, i could record aaron showering. So i took my shower, hit my phone, and let him take his shower. He did. and he came out and i went in and grabbed my phone and we went to bed. But i watched the movie first. OMG. it was amazing. His butt was perfect. i just wanted to grab it and squeeze it and lick it. and when he turned around and i saw his dick. My heart exploded. my good it was perfect. it was the perfect size and everything. I wanted it. And his body, o man. perfect. just perfect. Ok i need to stop talking about it. So we went to bed but i had a boner the whole night.

thursday was a pretty nice day. we went kayaking again. And that night we were invited to go out to dinner with some friends we had made. So we went. The food was good but the whole time i just kept thinking about aaron showering and how i wanted another video of it. So we got back to the cabin pretty late and i jumped in the shower. Nice and quick. so then i set up the phone and he jumped it. I was nervous. But it started out smooth. But i notice that the shower is on but no one is in it. And that goes on for a few minutes. So i get on the ground and look under the door and i see his feet right in front of the camera. i got really scared, so i nocked on the door and asked if my tooth brush was in there. he was like hold on. then like 10 seconds later he was like "what the fuck is this?" and he opens the door and hands me my phone with the first video on the screen. i was like "not sure". he asked me to delete it so i did. so he took his shower and came out and he was like "what was that" so im freaking out and i figure theres only one way out of this, so i tell him to have a seat and that i needed to talk to him. So he sits and i sit and it takes me a while but i finally say "im gay. and im in love with you." And he was totally cool with it. like he didnt care at all. it was a relief. But he did say that he wasnt gay and didnt feel the same way about me. And it stung a bit, but i think deep down i always new that would happen. So we talk for a good hour, about me and him and the stuff ive done. I told him i kissed him when he was asleep in 9th grade. I told him i had stolen some of his boxers. We had a really good talk. I was pleased. He was ok with me being gay, but he wasnt ok with me spying on him and stealing his clothes. haha. i can understand. i apologized A LOT about the video, and it really isnt me. I would never do anything like that, just being up there, just me and him. i guess i lost myself. It was the heat of the moment i suppose. we joked around a bit too. he asked what about him i liked and i told him. He also asked which aaron was cuter, short hair or long hair. I said in between. I also overed him a blowjob. he was like im good. So he got up and hugged me, and i apologized again and told him thank you for being my friend and for understanding. And he said he was glad that we were friends and that he was really happy i stayed up there with him. So then we went to bed. but i didnt sleep real well. I felt like shit. I was cool with him knowing im gay, but it was how he had to find out that really got to me.

So we got up friday, had breakfast and then went home. The ride home was pretty normal. I did ask him if he thought we were going to be ok and he said yea were gonna be fine. But i was nervous about that. And he told me i should talk to his dad cause he went through a similar experience, where one of his friends asked if he was gay or something. So yea got home and i felt really weird. like numb inside. The boy i had been in love with and chasing after for 4 years, was now for sure unavailable. It was a weird feeling. Plus he knew i was gay.

So the next day, we were having a fourth of july party, and i asked him to come over a bit earlier cause i wanted to talk. (haha side note, while i was writing this, aaron called me. wanted to go to some fair thing. were leaving at 2'oclock) So he came over earlier and i still felt like shit about the whole movie thing and i just couldnt apologize enough. He was like its fine, were gonna be fine, dont worry. But the whole party i was thinking about it.

So the next few day i felt like shit. It was just killing me inside. I couldnt understand why i would do something like that. I couldnt eat, i couldnt sleep. I lost close to 10 lbs. it was horrible. But then on wednesday, me and aaron hung out. It was pretty chill. We had fun and it was like normal, if not better. We could speak more freely. It was good, and i felt better about us.

So things were back to normal, and then he calls me on friday and tells me he talked to his dad and that we should talk. i said sure and his dad and i decided to meet at this sub place for lunch. So i got there and he was there and we ordered food and say down. He told me all his experiences and stuff. And i told him about how i was gay, but didnt want to be, but i wanted to want to be. confusing i know. we talked for about an hour. He told me he think i should see a therapist. Idk. Maybe i will. I thanked him for lunch and went home. It was nice i guess to talk to someone. Idk

so yea thats it. wasnt as hard to write as i thought.

Ok now on to other news. Been seeing a lot of cute boys around. At the mall, at the store, everywhere. i love it. O and i went streaking last night. It was really fun. I hadnt done it in like 2 years.

Also there are 2 new bloggers out there.

A Day in My Life = a really cute new blogger who i would really enjoy getting to know. he seems like hes got a good head on his shoulders. Not to mention a cute head. (im weird haha)

Kringe's Blog.... of DOOM = funny new blogger who i would also like to get to know. got a good sense of humor.

So check these boys out!!!

And i better get loads of comments from this. it took me an hour to write and some parts were very tricky. COMMENT!!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


sorry i havent been around as much lately. its been hard to come on here. the whole aaron thing has really done a number on me. i almost wrote about it 2 nights ago but i got sick to my stomach and almost threw up. its really hard for me to think about.

im sure most of u are pissed that its taking me so long and im sorry. i just cant write it rght now. please understand. soon tho. before this weekend. I PROMISE!!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


so im not gonna do the answer post. it seems there was a lack of interest from all my readers. And it got me thinking. do people even like me? idk im just thinking a lot lately.

ill post the aaron story soon. hopefully by monday.

Monday, July 6, 2009

questions part 2!!!

ok so i was reading landyns new post where he answers all those questions, and i wanna do it. I know, i already did it, but that was when i had like 5 followers. But now i have 46, so it should be better.

so heres the plan for the week. you have from now until friday at 10 pm to ask as many questions as you like. email them to me or comment them on this. then on saturday ill post the answers and on sunday, ill update u all on the aaron situation.


ps: i feel really good right now. =)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

feeling better

so im not gonna say anything about the aaron incident yet. i was going to, but when i think about writing it, i just cant do it. dont worry, ill tell all of you, just not yet. i need some more time to clear my head.

i will tell u that its kinda weird having someone know. its even weirder when its the boy you've been in love with for 4 years. yea, its bittersweet.

sorry ive been kinda lame with my posts lately. life has just been weird. i need some time to shit out. Not only with aaron but with myself.

i promise that by the end of the week, ill have a nice long post for ya.


Friday, July 3, 2009


i cam out to aaron. like, literally came out. i said the words "im gay". it wasnt planned at all. he kinda caught me trying to record him showering on my phone, and i was like "i think we should talk". so i spilled my guts.

the story is much longer, and i will get around to posting it. but for right now, this is all im gonna say.

sorry about the absence.