Monday, August 31, 2009

love triangle?

ok so before i get to the love triangle explanation, some other things first.

So my really good friend james who left for college 2 weeks ago came home on saturday. it was good to see him. we hung out for a good long while, and saw inglourious basterds. It was my fourth time =) But i did notice something. James was kinda acting differently, like he was some bad ass or something. and he kept talking about how he was hooking up with all these 'chicks' in college. idk he seemed different.

so on to this love triangle. So yesterday, a bunch of people went to see inglourious basterds, me being one of them, and tyler also being one of them. he had never seen it, and it was my fifth time(still amazing). i didnt sit by him, but he did fall asleep, which pissed me off a little, cause the movie is fantastic. but he has a weird taste in movies. idk. so for some of the movie i was like thinking reason why he would be a bad boyfriend, and then thinking of reasons that would make him a good boyfriend. haha it was kinda fun. in the end tho i think hed be a good boyfriend. So anyway, with us at the movie was this girl, Dylan, who i only met like 2 weeks ago and is a really good friend with tyler. shes awesome and i wish i had met her sooner, but i think she likes me. she sat next to me at the movie, and after the movie we went to erics house, she sat next to me there to, and her feet were like almost touching me. and then after we all left at 2 in the morning, we texted for like 30 minutes about music and gameshows. haha. i really like her as a friend, but i mean, im gay. so it doesnt really work. (she doesnt know btw)

so yea she likes me, i like tyler, and tyler is best friends with her. so its kinda a love triangle. idk haha.

wel thats it for me. im off to college tomorrow and i gotta pack all day. fun.


  1. Dan

    Good luck in college and tay in touch with her once she knows you are gay mb she will put in a good word for you with tyler

    dont forget to do some studying at college and enjoy the views :P

    take care and be safe


  2. Well what ever it's called it sounds like it will be complicated so I hope things will go well for you

  3. Five times...I've heard it's his best since Pulp Fiction. I still haven't seen it yet- and I get free movies! Silly Steve...

    Well have fun packing. Are you going far? Do you know who your rommates will be? You just have all kinds of exciting things that are about to happen. Are you nervous?

    Much Love,