Saturday, October 17, 2009


i was so bored in class yesterday so i doodled. heres the end result.
(click to make bigger)

so yeah sorry about the last post. i was kinda stressed about my whole history exam(i gotta B+) and idk i was tired of the low amounts of comments. I understand that people are busy and stuff, but if i write about shit and no one comments, it feels like no one cares. Whateves dont pay any attention to my confusingness.

so on another note, ive been thinking a lot about tyler. not sure why, but i just really wanna be his bf. haha its weird cause i havent seen him in like almost 2 months. who knows, maybe im just lonely.

ok well just a quick update. later.


  1. tyl,er as in thoughts of a gay boy in highschool tyler?

  2. Nice doodles!

    Gotta love what being bored in class does to you.

  3. Love the doodles, esp. the finger slipped one.

    Hang in there, man!

  4. @ Ben
    Wrong Tyler

    funny pics Dan

  5. there have always been 2 gay blogs categories...

    1. Stuff like this one and mine and MBoy's. About life at any age as a gay or bi person. about communication, support, fun n games, etc. Far from puritanical, in now way like #2.

    2. nasty ones that r fine too--- usually. just different.

    When Mboy and I and a few others started this "community" [as it turns out] it was so easy to keep up with blogs and even remember who belonged to which one.

    I wonder if the gay press OL or IRL had covered this phenomena?

    Now I just dont have enuf time to keep up. We have become too successful i guess. Thats good. so sorry, dan, for not being here and commenting more.

    Maybe I am more involved as an IMer? Less people, but often more intense. Ask sun on my face Jay!

    Love the doodle

    who got shot?

    dont u have a gay student organization to join?--- good way to meet "our type" LOL --- or paint yer flesh purple or lavender and walk around nude maybe?

    does your gaydar go off ever? It should be busy on a uni campus cuz lotta gays r quite out and visible. if u know where to look and how that is! LOL


  6. Aawww, poor air balloon :( at least it wasn't a popcorn -I've heard they are really loudmouthed- .
    Well, good luck with your history class, maybe if you weren't posting you'd keep better grades, but who am I to say, I always failed history in high-school :P Yuck.
    Also I agree with Steevo, you could join a club, they usually keep your mind off people -I know I needed to join some and now I regret not doing it- Hope you get over Tyler, it's hard having someone hanging in your every thought.
    Love you Dan, hope you feel better

  7. u are very creative, Dan! hahaha. i never even thought about some of the stuff you drew like the bowl and pin - i never thought about putting them together and seeing the holes as a face. and the first one made me smile! lol.

    i hope u don't feel offended that people don't comment - people don't usually comment mine either, but know that u are still loved! :)

  8. lol *is amused by your doodling*

  9. Dan

    People care with or without comment yo are helping others just by writing. I know i rad the blogs or awhile without ever making a comment at all.

    i dont think its weird you are missing tyler becuase you havent replaced him with anyone. I do hope you find somene worth of you soon

    take care and be safe


  10. I particularly liked the hot lava :-)

    How far is Tyler from your school? You are IN A FINE ARTS DORM! How have you not met 15 potential boyfriends!

    Much Love,

  11. Funny doodles! My favourite is the hot lava one. Looking forward to the next boring class. :P