Sunday, October 11, 2009

a tad pissed

so i guess no one wants to see pictures of me. 2 of my 62 follers commented, which really makes me feel good. thanks folks.

for the 2 that did comment, thank you. maybe ill send u a pic.

i had shit to post about, but i dont feel like it anymore.


  1. It would be nice to see a pic but I don't encourage it with younger folks, as you never know who might find this. Then again, your friends all know, yes? And, if a cute gay boy at your school happens to read your blog . . .


  2. I know the feeling...even though I don't have even close to the same amount of followers as you!
    I'm sure your followers read your blog regularly; I know I do.
    It just seems people aren't too big a fan of commenting these days!

    Please post the shit...i wanna know. lol.

  3. Sorry mate, I just saw the post. Don't be upset. I don't get many comments either, but I still go on.

    I wouldn't recommend posting pics of yourself either, but in the end it is your choice.


  4. I'll comment here, I read your other post but have had such a crazy weekend working that I havent been on much at all the past 3 or 4 days.

    But the pictures are up to you really, although I think you should =P

    Hope everything else is going alright.

    And you shouldnt let low comments get you down, I mean you do post your stuff so people will read it, but dont you also post it so you can get it off your chest. I'm sure theres many who read and dont comment too.

  5. doh! that will teach me to catch up on lots of blogs on a Sunday morning!

  6. I don't want to post a pic of me so it's not fair to ask a picture from you and sometimes you get comments and sometimes you don't just depends on what's going on with everyone else.

    As for posting stuff well that's up to you and I can't force you to make a post on your blog

  7. i want to see a pic of you

  8. Sorry you didn't get the response you were looking for :-( I tried :p

    To be honest, I have had a hard time (giggle) keeping up with everyones posts recently, because of school and work. I think thats probably true of a lot of people. So don't get down if you are getting low responses. You know people are still reading just sometimes in a hurry. Hopefully, Ill catch you on MSN soon.

    Feel better! Your an interesting guy, and from what we all 'read' are attractive to boot. These are all qualities that tend to work out well for people :-) There is a quote I'm thinking of that has something to do with working hard through the dark times so you can see how far you've come when times are better...but without the quote it doesn't sound as poetic...whatever- you get the point.


  9. What can I say? Mea culpa. In my defence, I am a recent follower and I'm still catching up on your blog, which is great btw. This is my first comment, and hopefully more will come. So yeah, hi! :)

    As long as you don't drop hints about where you live, and if you don't mind if someone who knows you finds out this is your blog...

    [pauses to catch his breath]

    ...I think posting a picture would be safe. Surely, it would be nice.

  10. Sorry, been out of circulation for some days now, I do enjoy talking to you and would like to talk again soon, been along while, you are a quite cute guy, and if no one chooses to see you, well, that´s their lost, still, you know you´re quite a catch, sorry, it´s been hard for me lately even to keep with my own blog, wish you don´t get that problem, still, there is always history class to update :) take care pretty boy.

  11. dan

    ill sing the smae song about being busy but im reading man. i left a comment on the other post and remember its not what we want hell we want everything :) its what you feel comfoprtable doing on your blog is all that matters

    take care and be safe


  12. I would have commented but i've been busy so i didn't see your blog, or, well, any blog.

    You know i would kill for pics of you, beautiful. :P


  13. i do read from time to time. :)

    i just started blogging so im still very new to this whole business! :) don't get upset!

  14. Just because lots of people didn't comment doesn't mean lots of people didn't read. I for one, did read, but I don't pressure people to show photos of themselves.

  15. Pictures would be great but only if you feel comfortable with it.