Friday, October 2, 2009

Coming out

I'm in my history class again, and I've been thinking a lot about the subject of coming out. More specificsly, my own coming out.

As most of u know, I came out to my best friends a while ago. It was hard but i'm glad I did it. Anyway, I was thinking a lot about it and there are a few things I wish I would have done earlier.

I wish I had come out earlier. Like in 9th grade. Waiting until a week before college starts was not what I wanted. I would have been able to maybe find a boyfriend and I would know who my real friends would be. I also wish I would have accepted the fact that I was gay. I shouldn't have wasted 6th years of trying to pretend I was something I wasn't.

Life is just to confusing. There's that saying that you only live once and that you should just do it so u don't regret not doing it. I agree, but there's another side to it. You only live once, so don't do something to make the rest of your life shitty and miserable.

This is a lame post. I hate it. Whatevs, I'm close to 100 so stand by.


  1. Hey Dan, you feel like you should´ve done it before? you´re 18 yo, life it´s hard when you come out younger, school´s a bitch, at least you didn´t wait til you were my age :P and you only have one life, so true, and there´s a huge difference between being alive and living your life.
    I wish I had come to terms with my own sexuality before, all the time that could´ve been put a good use, but then again, I´m making it up day by day, what I´m trying to say is, you just came out, congratulations, that´s as hard as it gets, so now you don´t have to worry about that, now is the time for you to enjoy it -safely *stern look*- and just be yourself. Now is your time.

    P.S. Pay attention to your classes! =)

  2. great post. it's one of the things I wish were true about me too. I waited until I was 30. What a waste!

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  4. I hated that last post that's why it's gone

    Don't rush coming out and when you do your friends here will always be here to talk to you if things are bad or get better

  5. Dan

    You cant relive things, you did what you thought was best. What if your frineds werent ready before and they didnt acceot you

    Ok so you wasted some time i guess the question is what are you going ot do with the time you have remaining

    take care and be safe


  6. There are things in my life that i regret too, like coming out. I lost a lot of friends, and i copped a lot of abuse. It broke me down. It took me a long time to recognize, but every step we take will determine our future. To be at peace with your past, you must recognize the good that came of it.

    I used to wish i hadn't been so lonely for my whole life. I used to wish i'd had more gay friends and people i could be myself around. But if that were the case, i never would have started blogging. You wouldn't even know i existed, Dan.

    I used to wish i hadn't come out out school. But then, i wouldn't have found out about my gay youth group. I wouldn't have found who i could truly trust, and grown closer to a few in my life.

    If i hadn't come out, my BDD and SAD wouldn't have exploded, needing to be treated. They would have continued to live inside me, affecting me in many ways, but with me not knowing they were there, and instead feeling like a freak.

    Don't regret things Dan. You can't have a perfect life. You have to accept the good with the bad, and realise that a lot of the good may in fact have been a result of the bad. So the bad isn't really all that 'bad'.

    Chin up. Things could be worse. They could be a lot worse. You seem to have it going pretty good through my eyes.