Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The new Tyler situation

So it looks like Tyler is comin to visit this weekend. I figured I'd fill u in on all the little details about the whole thing.

Ok so there's my good friend and room mate Ethan. We've known eachother since 4th grade but this past summer is when we starte hanging out more and we became pretty goodfriends. Now when I strted hanging ou. With him, I got integrate into his friend group.

His friends
Tyler is a really good friend of ethans. They go to the gym together and is normally over when I go over. Tylers also the boy I've got a crush on, for those of u who don't remember.
Megan is another really good friend of ethans and even a better friend to Tyler. She's pretty awesome and I'm pretty sure has a crush on me. What can I say, I am pretty irresistable.
Luke is another friend who I actually knew before this whole thong. We were in th same math class in 10th grade. He's really good friends with Megan and Ethan, and kinda with Tyler.

So the three of them are coming to visit ethan, but ill be there.

So i guess im just gonna try to flirt as much as i can. this post was suppose to go somewhere but it kinda fizzled out. i wrote it in history class, and i forgot what i was going for.

ok, well ill let u know whats going on soon.


  1. Sorta know where you are going, but the misspellings are killing me!

  2. You were looking for permission to flirt with Tyler.

    Permission granted!

  3. Yes! I demand loads of scintillating details-- I hope it turns out like your 'pretend' story that you wrote that time way back when.

    Irresistible, eh? What happened to your posting pictures? >:-)


  4. Ah goodluck dude!
    Go for it! Or you'll keep regretting it huh!


  5. Hey good luck -not that you ever needed it though, just needed some confidence- sides now we know what happens when you aren´t direct with him, let´s see how a less subtle approach works out. I know you´ll do awesome.


  6. can't blame u for fizzling out.. its history class afterall. :P

  7. @charley
    haha yea my ipod doesnt have the best spell check, and i was too tired to re read it last night.

  8. hey, that's pretty awesome... hopefully you get a good chance to spend some time w/ tyler. best of luck

  9. Good Luck on the flirting! History is not so bad, it's not for everyone though.

  10. So.... what happened? Let me guess-- it was like a scene out of a porno- his belt was stuck or something and needed some 'help' and then the music starts...etc...etc...