Wednesday, November 18, 2009

bored as balls

1. Name? (screen name is fine)

2. Are you a boy or girl?

3. How old are you?

4. Are you straight, gay, bi or unsure

5. Whats your favorite color?

6. Whats your favorite food?
thats a hard one. Ummmm hot dogs i think.

7. If you could choose only one type of food for the rest of you life, what type would it be? (ex. Italian, chinese, french, etc.)

8. How tall are you?
little over 6 feet

9. Hair color?

10. Whats your favorite movie?
the shawshank redemption

11. Favorite book?
where the red fern grows

12. Favorite tv show?
breaking bad

13. What are your hobbies?
jerking off, driving my car, watching tv, playing xbox, hanging with friends.

14. What is the #1 thing that grosses you out?

15. Are you a virgin?

16. If no, how far have you gone? (list both with boys and girls)
i put my p in a girls v

17. Are you athletic? What sports?
quite. Football and basketball.

18. For guys: How big are you? (you know what I mean... lol) Are you cut or uncut?
almost 7 inches cut

19. For girls: Whats your bra size?

20. Are you happy with your size?
always could be bigger

21. Do you like, tolerate or get disgusted when you see an attractive person of the opposite sex?
i could care less. a good looking person is a good looking person.

22. What do you want to do with your life?
no idea.

23. Do you masturbate? how many times a day?
yes. 2 times a day for the past 10 years

24. Do you have a "special" toy? (again you all know what I mean... lol)

25. Have you ever broken a bone or had another serious injury or sickness? Explain.

26. What do you think is your most attractive feature?
my hair, right mirrorboy?

27. What do you think is your least attractive feature?
my thighs

28. If there is one thing in your life you could change, what would that be?
id like more money

29. Are you in a relationship? explain a little (boy, girl, short term, long term, etc)
nope. im planning on asking a boy out at some point.

30. When was the last time you got some sexual action? (of any type)
damn. um 4 years ago.

31. Mac or PC?

32. Iphone, Blackberry, other PDA, or regular cell phone?
regular cell phone. but i do have a ipod touch

33. Do you have any pets? Which ones?
dog. hes a little guy who i miss.

34. For gay and bi guys: Are you a top or bottom?

35. Whats the one thing in your life you are most proud of?
my care free attitude

36. Where is the weirdest place you masturbated or had sex?
the capital building

37. Most number of times you came in a day?

38. What are you most afraid of?

39. Favorite porn star?
keith connors as of tight now.

40. Do you have a blog? What is it?
your reading it


  1. The capital building!? Federal or State? and how did that happen?

  2. the federal. we were on a school trip and i was like "how many people can say they've jacked it in the capital building?"

  3. LOL you jacked off in the capital building?