Thursday, November 12, 2009

Finally some free time

I'm really sorry about my absence. I've been super busy with school and we are picking classes for next semester and I had to make sure I knew what I needed to take and shit.

So anyway, I'm in my math class and were talking about shit I already know so I'm not paying attention.

Ok so Tyler. We were talking and I kind of hinted at the fact that I liked boys. So I guess he figured it out because he pretty much asked and so I explained the whole thing to him. I told him about Aaron and how I first started to notice feelings about boys in 6th grade. He was really nice about the whole thing. But I never really gotthe feeling he was at all interested. Like, I told him thank you and that I hoped to see him back home, and his responce was "glad I could help". He didn't even acknolage the fact that I wanted to get together with him at home.
So the whole conversation kinda changed my mind about him. Like, id love to date him and all, and I'd love to be his boyfriend, but right now, I'm not gonna worry about it. My new plan is to talk to him every now and again, and then when summer hits, I'm gonna ask him out. Then, if he says yes, we'll have all summer to "get to know eachother".

He did tell me I should just come out and tell everyone, and everyday I feel like I should just do it. So it looks like soon, I'm gonna be coming out to everyone. Who knows.

Ok that's it. I shouldn't be as busy after tomorrow, so look for me on msn. Ok. Adios.


  1. It's possible to overanalyze these things. I mean, you didn't get the feeling that he was at all interested — but he did ask. He was noncommittal about seeing you this summer, but he didn't say no. His advice to come out to everybody shows support, IMO.

    So I think you're right not to worry about it, to keep in touch, and to wait and see what summer brings. You may be disappointed that he wasn't more enthusiastic, but some people (myself included) need time to process new developments.

  2. Well first of all you have thanksgiving break coming up which is always a good time to go home and see friends from there...see what happens. And you also probably have a month off for winter break so you may not even have to wait til the summer.

    I think you're right not to worry about it now though.

    I would just try hanging out with him and seeing what happens.

    Good luck...good to hear from you again :)

  3. Heyyyy look for the positives. You have someone you can talk to about gay stuff. :)

    And you're still gorgeous. :P

    <3 talk soon